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Wild Turkey American Honey Girls“Brew it. Taste it. Sip it. Pork it,” is the motto. Across the country is where it happens. The Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ Festival describes it all! is a friend of this unparalleled festival as they’ve invited us to be part of it several times this year touring across the U.S.A. This weekend, we partied with at blissful festival was in Washington, D.C. Metro area at a beautiful waterfront area called the National Harbor in Maryland.

Around 11,000 people came to this two day festival in two days to eat, drink and experience some new cocktails during‘s “State of the Union” address on whiskey. Does this sound better than listening to a President ramble on and a crowd of representatives applaud on cue? Somehow speaking about whiskey can lead to some rambling on that Democrats, Republicans, Socialists and “Whiskeyocratistcans” all approve of.

We wanted to “Capitolize” on our appearance in our nation’s capitol with a tribute to an old American favorite in Wild Turkey Bourbon and The Copper Fox Distillery, a new American craft distiller based near D.C. Our Capitol Cocktail recipes that I’m including below below will stimulate your taste buds and leave you lobbying for more pours. Don’t start pouring yet, there is more to address…
Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ Festival National Harbor D.C. Greg Nivens, Trigger Agency.

I arrived in Washington, D.C. in time to hit the Friday night hog roast. I enter to a scene of roasted hogs carried on platters ceremonially paraded through a sea of boozed up festival goers. In the wave party goers, some are beginning to dance around the hog while others are following it to get a fresh taste to compliment to the whiskey and beer. As I pick my warm tasting right off the whole hog, I an into my friend Festival Director Greg Nivens who told me that this roast is exactly how they do in his homeland of North Carolina.

Next, I saw our good friend Rick Wasmund, owner and founder of Copper Fox Distillery just down the road in Sperryville, Virgnia. He poured me a sip Wasmund’s Single Malt Whiskey the Copper Fox Rye Whisky which we use in our new D.C. cocktails.

Craft brewers, local BBQ restaurants, cigar vendors, and the Wild Turkey American Honey Girls as I looked into the sun setting on D.C. and could see the Washington Monument. I’m feeling proud to be an American. We should we have invited a few of our nations so called “enemies” to break bread and Bourbon here and discuss their differences. This kinda flavor could end any war.

Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Hog Roast

Morgan dances as dinner is brought in at the Beer, Bourbon, & BBQ Festival

I made new friends over some Bourbon, including Morgan who we instantly declared a new member of the “ Family.” See Morgan’s picture in the Grand Poobah hat? He was a party indeed! He introduced me to his son Rico and daughters Nicole and Ebony and they began spreading the BourbonBlog love.

There is something Bourbon brings people together that after years of hosting and producing, I still can’t describe. Yes, an overindulgence in any alcohol seems to either divide or closely unite. However, with a simple mention of the word “Bourbon” in America, there is a patriotic, conquering and sheer uniting moment that makes my job priceless.

“Is this guy drinking while writing the article?” you may ask. What do you think? But it is still true!

For Saturday, D.C. Correspondent Adam Boyd came to join us for the speech. Additionally, I somehow persuaded one of my friend Steven to leave South Carolina in the early morning hours drive 8 hours to party all day Saturday with us at the Festival.

BourbonBlog.coms Tom Fischer holds a bottle of Copper Fox Rye Whisky before a tasting during the "State of the Union Address on Whiskey"'s Tom Fischer in his "State of the Union Address" on Whiskey, holding a bottle of Copper Fox Rye Whisky

The two new cocktails I mentioned earlier are the “Stimulus Package” and “The Lobbyist” created by mixologist Stephen Dennison. Several cocktails The Lobbyist is so delicious it can made anyone who serves it the “instant lobbyist” to the recipient you want to influence. The Stimulus Package has a spicy package of pepper that shines through and accentuates the Bourbon. A few unground and whole peppercorns give enough raw robust character to compliment the Russell’s Reserve Bourbon. Russell’s, made by Wild Turkey, differs greatly from Wild Turkey’s original Bourbon as it is a 10 year old Bourbon with some unique, sweet notes.

After our session, we happy to listen to our friend Rob Hutchins, American Whiskey Brand Ambassador for Heaven Hill speak a bit about Bourbon as he shared some Evan Williams Single Barrel with us.

From hot and humid day on the National Harbor, we toasted to our country from the Capitol with piece of our heritage in rye and Bourbon whiskies. Recipes below and check out all the brew, whiskey, Bourbon and spirts  which we sampled in the menus below.

Russell's Reserve Bourbon 10 year oldStimulus Package

2 oz Russell’s Reserve Bourbon
1/4 Oz. Sweet vermouth
8 Black Whole Peppercorns

Dry stir in shaker before adding ice for 45 seconds. After dry stir, add ice and stir until frost forms on the outside of shaker. Strain into cocktail glass being careful not to remove any peppercorns. Garnish with expressed orange swath.

Copperfox Rye Whisky Review

The Lobbyist

2 oz. Copper Fox Rye Whisky
1/2 oz. Orange Bitters

Stir ingredients over ice, strain and serve in Cocktail Glass.

Russel's Reserve Rye 6 years old The Great Debate

2 oz Copper Fox Rye Whisky
2 oz. Russell’s Reserve 6 Year Old Rye
2 Tasting Glasses

Pour in two separate Glencairn tasting glasses. Experience the “Old School” vs. “New School.” Compare, contrast and discuss the Liberal vs. Conservative. No written essay required, please just drink and enjoy.

To learn more about the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival and how you can attend the next festival, visit .

Recipes created by’s Stephen Dennison. only encourages responsible and legal drinking.

Special thanks to Greg Nivens, Sara Hamilton, Kat Arnold,  Anne Fitzgerald, Karen Young and all our friends from Trigger Agency for inviting us and all they do all year long. Also special thanks to Gaylord National Resort Hotel, National Harbor, Maryland!

Greg Nivens Trigger Agency and Tom Ficher

L to R: Festival Director Greg Nivens and's Tom Fischer

Beer, Bourbon and Barbeque Fest

L to R: Steven, Tom, Morgan and Adam

Here is what we were drinking at the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival..

Bourbon Menu

Jim Beam Black
Jim Beam White
Jim Beam Rye
Red Stag
1792 Ridgemont Reserve
American Honey
Ancient Age
Basil Hayden’s
Blanton’s Single Barrel
Buffalo Trace
Copper Fox Rye Whiskey
Eagle Rare 10yr
Elijah Craig 12Yr
Elijah Craig 18Yr
Evan Williams Black
Evan Williams Honey Reserve
Evan Williams Single Barrel
Gentleman Jack
George Dickle 12yr
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels Single Barrel
Jim Beam Black
Jim Beam Rye
Jim Beam White
Knob Creek
Maker’s Mark
Rare Breed
Red Stag
Russell’s Reserve Bourbon 10 year old
Russell’s Reserve Rye 6 year old
Wild Turkey 101
Woodford Reserve

Spirits Menu

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodkas
Jeremiah Weed Blended Bourbon, 90
Jeremiah Weed Cherry Mash
Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodkas
Tullamore Dew
Wasmund’s Rye Spirit
Wasmund’s Single Malt Spirit
Wasmund’s Single Malt Whiskey

Beer Menu

Magic Hat #9, Wacko
Sierra Nevada ESB, Summerfest
Dogfish Head Raison D’etre, 90 Min IPA
Pyramid Hefeweizen, Seasonal
Stone Brewing Company Levitation
Stone Brewing Co Arrogant Bastard
Saranac Pomegranate Wheat, Summer Brew
Brewery Ommegang Hennepin, 3 Philosophers
Oliver Brewing Company Irish Red Ale, Cream Ale
Lancaster Brewing Strawberry Wheat, Hop Hog IPA
Evolution Craft Brewing Co
McSorley’s Black Lager, Irish Pale Ale
Pete’s Brewing Co Wicked Ale
Barons Brewing Co Black Wattle, Lager
Buffalo Bills Orange Blossom Cream Ale
Guinness 250 Stout
Lake Placid Brewing Co UBU Ale
Heineken Light, Dark
Flying Dog Doggie Style Pale Ale, Gonzo
Clipper City Pale Ale
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon
Hornsby Amber Draft, Apple Cider
Woodchuck Ciders
Coopers Brewery Extra Stout
Brewdog Punk IPA
La Divine Blonde Ale
Wittekerke Rose Beer
and more!


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