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Makers 46 Bourbon. Maker's Mark

Kevin Smith holds one of the first dipped bottles of Maker's 46 Bourbon.. Photo by Duke Brubaker

Click to play the podcast interview below as interviews Maker’s Mark Master Distiller Kevin Smith about the new Maker’s 46 Bourbon which has just been released. Kevin talks about the availability and give his own review and thoughts on Maker’s 46.

Here is a directory of where to find Maker’s 46 from Maker’s Mark. This will make it easier for you to track down where Maker’s 46 can be found by state and city.
Maker's 46 Review


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5 Responses to “Maker’s 46 released! Interview with Master Distiller Kevin Smith and his own review of 46”

  1. Rick Duff

    I picked up a bottle of this (with some difficulty) Friday. The store did not have it on the shelf and had 1 bottle left (of a case of 6) in the back. Oh the joys of living in Ohio.
    I cracked open the bottle and thought it was nice. Not sure if it’s worth the price (or fancy bottle).. but it’s very good. I’ll try it at least one more time.. but right now it’s not destined for my normal rotation.

  2. Jason Scott Embry


    Each week, regardless where we are in the world, my friends and I celebrate “Bourbon Friday.” Even though my liquor cabinet has 27 bottles of Bourbon Whisk(e)y and an equal selection of Scotch Whisky, last Friday, July 9, I stopped by my neighborhood liquor store to pick up a few bottles (Elijah Craig 18 year and Basil Hayden to be exact), and was thrilled that Maker’s 46 was on the shelf. I purchased two bottles, one to drink and one to keep. (I have since returned to purchase a half dozen more bottles.)

    Wow! Maker’s 46’s nose and taste took me to last November when I visited the Maker’s Mark Distillery with several Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity brothers. (We all graduated in the 1990s.) The first sip (neat) was incredible. The second sip with one ice cube was phenomenal. I would say the nose and taste definitely is the barrel house in the bottle. In other words, Kevin Smith has given me a perfect Bourbon Whisky that I can share with my friends who have not had the opportunity to visit the Bluegrass State, which was my home from birth until 2003 when I moved to Colorado. (I now live in Illinois.) The simple purpose of this experience is to give them the sense of what the incredible aromas a Kentucky Bourbon barrel house has to offer.

    Kudos to Kevin Smith, Bill Samuels and the crew at Maker’s Mark!

    All the best,

    Jason Scott Embry
    Makers’ Mark Senior Ambassador and Bourbon Aficionado

  3. Murrell Ray

    This is one great bourbon, much better in my opinon than the very good original. I am certain that it will not take the place of Elijah Craig 18 single barrel but it will have a place on my bar. Actually it will have a place in my drinking time. 46 is really good, it has an excellent toasty wood/bread taste in it that just begs you to drink more. In my opinion Makers 46 is a home run for Kevin and Bill. And to disagree with Kevin, it is better than Makers Mark. Not to knock Marker Mark, an excellent whisky, but 46 is a step above the standard. There are not many bourbons out there that are better. If there are, their prices are not worth it.

  4. Rick Duff

    An update on my original post:
    2nd try at it was very good. I really enjoy this. I don’t consider it better than the original, just different.. more complex. The wife gets the original, I get the 46 😉 I paid $31.95 for it (Ohio.) Elijiah Craig 12 is still my favourite everyday bourbon. I also am a huge fan for the value of Very Old Barton. VOB is my golfing bourbon (although my last dram on the course was the original Maker’s Mark my buddy had with him.)
    I actually love the use of the french oak staves.. I use French Oak in my winemaking.. I prefer it’s taste (in wine) over American. I have enjoyed a few scotches that use French Oak barrels. Good job Makers Mark on the 46.
    The bottle is really beautiful, and the price isn’t too bad. More than I like to pay.. but I put it in the Woodford Reserve class of bourbon and I think it still comes in a little under that.
    So in summary.. very nice Whiskey.. I’d put in the Woodford Reserve class and well done!