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Midnight Moon Moonshine meets legendary moonshiner Junior Johnson of Piedmont Distillers of Madison, North Carolina at Tales of the Cocktail at the Moonshiner’s Breakfast.

Distillery: Piedmont Distillers of Madison, North Carolina

Proof: 80 Proof, 40% ABV. Proof of final bottling release unknown.

Notes: Midnight Moon is Triple Distilled and every batch is born in an authentic, copper still and is hand-crafted, in very small batches.

Color: Clear.

Nose: Neutral alcohol prevalence with rounded sweetness reminiscent of cotton candy.

Taste: Soft mouthfeel, touch of rounded sweetness and light grain. Approachable, not overly aggressive with heat.

Finish: Light salt water taffy

Moonshine review by Tom Fischer and Stephen Dennison of


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2 Responses to “Midnight Moon Moonshine Review”

  1. Annie

    I don’t even care if I ever learn to make moonshine! I’m happy just to watch Tickle do whatever he wants to do. He’s adorable! Sigh.

  2. jeff

    I bought a bottle at Walgreen of the strawberry flavor. Ive had moonshine before and unless i got a BAD bottle that craps like drinking jet fuel there aint no smooth what so ever you cant taste anything but alcohol no strawberry hint of anykind. . even opening the jar its lie like pure alcohol . i may try one more jar to see if i got a bad one if not, id soon drink gas. I even had a taste of another moonshine and looks the same but very smooth like it should be with a kick.


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