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Day 4 Come Together, Right Now

Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. Friends Parker Beam, Rob HutchinsNearing the end of our fantastic voyage, it seemed only appropriate that all of the disparate elements within the world of spirits (and those that love them) find a happy medium- a meeting ground for all that we enjoy.

Heaven Hill Distilleries invited us to their unique tasting room called, “The Art of American Whiskey.” Heaven Hill’s creative approach allowed tasters to explore the effects of different grains in Heaven Hill American whiskies with bread  pairings including Mellow Corn Whiskey (paired with cornbread), Bernheim Wheat Whiskey (paired with wheat bread), and Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon paired with multigrain bread). To compliment each of tastings, Heaven Hill had samplings both neat and with an array of cocktails created by Allen Katz, Gary Regan and other mixologists.

This was certainly a special opportunity to meet Heaven Hill Master Disitler Parker Beam and to explore flavors of grains. However, I must say that when given the chance to enjoy Heaven Hill whiskey, I almost forgot there was any bread in the room.

Next stop…we are headed to Beam Global’s soiree of their portfolio called the “Worldwide Cocktail Excursion.” It was a huge gathering guests enjoyed a tasting of their portfolio which was organized by country showcasing the spirit from that region. Kentucky occupying its own place in the queue. Each country was separated from its kin by large curtains and each tradition held its own sway upon the guests.

A tequila/jalapeño concoction for Mexico. Laphroig brought in a bagpiper. Jim Beam Master Distiller Fred Noe held court for the Bourbon tradition.

Every culture had something to add to the zeitgeist, a passion for the subject was the single common denominator. This is why we do what we do and the communal knowledge was served by the friends made this day.

Don’t think it is all business, when cocktaillians gather- we simply choose our time to cut loose with a bit more, discernment.

Spirited Award Ceremony Tales of the Cocktail 2010

A grand gathering of personalities in the cocktail and spirits industry sing and dance on stage during the close of the Spirited Award Ceremony Tales of the Cocktail 2010

From there we headed to the Spirited Award Ceremony at The Roosevelt Hotel. This was the grand event where Tales of the Cocktail awarded individuals and establishments that have shown outstanding talent for advancing the craft of the cocktail. More coming on this

The Bartender’s Breakfast sponsored by Plymouth Gin seems to become the event where everyone involved lets loose and simply enjoys themselves. I would like to think that the cab fleet of New Orleans was almost overwhelmed be the calls to this single address this

Thirsty Traveler Kevin Brauch, Floor Reporter of Food Network’s Iron Chef: America with's Tom Fischer at Tales of the Cocktail 2010

Thirsty Traveler Kevin Brauch, Floor Reporter of Food Network’s Iron Chef: America with's Tom Fischer at Tales of the Cocktail 2010 was pleased to find that we have a fan in Thirsty Traveler Kevin Brauch. Great company to keep, indeed.

Plymouth Gin and Tiki drinks ruled the night and the examples tasted were exceptional-bartenders mixing for other bartenders. Would it be anything but?

Some of the best graced these halls, on this evening: Tony Abu-Gamin and Eben Freeman, amongst others. Their austerity juxtaposed with the drinking and dancing of the  celebration you can only find at Tales of the Cocktail. All in all, one could walk away saying it was truly an event to be remembered
and that they will save up their lush-tokens for next year.

But then again, there is always the after-party…

Article by Mixologist and Beverage Consultant Stephen Dennison


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