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Blueberry CocktailsThe syrup mentioned in‘s article and creation “Maker’s and Coke, Reengineered” can also be used in a tertiary, or balancing approach. This simple infusion recipe brings a balance to the infusion that is ‘good out of the bottle.’ Shaken, served up. Pretty garnish. Done.

    For the syrup:

1 part Coca-cola
1 part Sugar

Bring Coke to a simmer, dissolve sugar. Allow to rest until at room temperature. Store, refrigerated, 2 weeks.

1 lb Blueberries, picked
1.75 L Vodka (we used Vikingfjord Vodka or Tito’s Handmade Vodka)

Empty the vodka out of the bottle until it is at 70% capacity, visual measurement. Add blueberries. Fill with simple syrup. Let sit for 5 days and serve.

– Article and recipe by‘s Mixologist/Beverage Consultant Stephen Dennison


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