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Woodford Reserve Bourbon
Sweet and savory. Hard and soft. This dish revels in juxtaposition. Candied fish? With Bourbon? Yes- it works!

For the rub:

1 part bourbon of choice (We used Woodford Reserve)
2 parts sugar

Mix both well, spread out over a baking sheet, and allow to crystallize – exposed.

Take this mixture and cover:

4-6 oz cuts, wild Pacific salmon, skin on and carefully de-boned

Sear the salmon, skin-side down for 4 minutes. (The coloration will be creeping up the side of the filet.) Take a Brûlée torch and caramelize the sugared top-side, while still in the pan. Look at the sides of the fish. There should be a round, cooked patina, with a bolder, ocher-looking center. If appearing too raw, finish in a 400 degree oven. Serve with a smile.

On a side note, the intended side dish was my mistake. It was meant to be an orzo/Bourbon rehydrated apricot/almond pilaf. The almonds took two attempts(chefs learn to smell when things are finished in the oven – when nuts begin to smell, they are burned… Doh!) The orzo was undercooked. The apricots never had a chance. Oh well!

Article and Recipe Created by Chef/Mixologist Stephen Dennison


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