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Mission Figs Recipe In this recipe, we explore the primary tenet of classic bartending: ‘strong, weak, sour, sweet.’ Fresh Mission Figs are a must as is dutiful application of technique. Choose those that are heavy for their size, semi firm, with no wrinkles or bruising We hope you will enjoy this offering.

In the tin:

Muddle 2 quartered figs and ½ tsp sugar, 5- 10 times, watching for over-bruising of the fig skin.


2 oz. Maker’s 46
2 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters
2 Lemon Squeezes

Cover, shake 8-10 times.

Add ice. Shake for 20 seconds after frost forms.

Pour over Collins glass filed with crushed ice. Stir with straw. Discard. Serve, with no garnish (the proper mist should encourage the guest to place their nose over the glass.)

Article and Recipe by Mixoloist/Beverage Consultant Stephen Dennison

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