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Woodford Reserve BourbonBrick Wall

1.5oz apple cider syrup (see below)
1.5oz Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey bourbon
Ginger ale
Lime wedge
1 slice green apple (if you’re into garnishes)

Combine equal parts syrup and bourbon in an ice-filled glass. Top off glass with a bit of ginger ale. Squeeze in lime. Optional: garnish with apple slice.

Apple cider syrup

Bring 0.25 cup sugar, 5 cracked allspice berries, 4 whole cloves and 0.75 inches of ginger root (peeled and sliced very thin) up to a simmer. Simmer 10 minutes. Kill heat and let steep for 90 minutes. Let cool and strain. The recipe here claims to make enough for 10 drinks, but that’s wrong. By my calculation, it makes enough for about 5.5 drinks. thanks my cousin for this recipe! For more Bourbon whiskey recipes, visit this link: Bourbon Recipes


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3 Responses to “Brick Wall”

  1. Matt

    There is definitely an ingredient missing in your recipe for apple cider syrup: the apple cider! How much?

  2. Matt

    2 cups! Sorry. BTW, I found this recipe in an on-flight magazine when I was traveling a year or so ago. I took it home with me, and typed up the recipe as a note in Facebook. Now, I see it reprinted here (I know it’s my wording, since the “that’s wrong… by my calculation…” part is obviously not in the original recipe. Those are my words. Anyway….