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AGWA de bolivia Review World’s Premiere Coca Leaf LiquorCoca leaves have been chewed by South American Indians for thousands of years to induce a mild and long-lasting euphoria. As the world’s first and only spirit derived from the historical South American coca leaf, tastes AGWA de Bolivia to see we experience a unique “oxygen buzz” which is said to be the “AGWA Buzz.” While all very scientific, apparently the coca leaf alkaloids are activated with lime in AGWA to mimic the effect when chewing coca leaves or drinking coca-leaf tea at high altitude in the Andes.

To add to the intrigue, the Bolivian Coca leaves are shipped to Amsterdam  under armed guard where they are first decocainized before being infused with alcohol and 36 other natural herbs and botanicals to enable the maximum effect!

We noticed what we believed to be effect after several pours. We can describe it as an energy rush of sorts.  This could be for real or maybe we just really enjoy the flavor and how well it drinks straight, chilled and in a variety of cocktails! Here is our review

Spirit: AGWA de Bolivia, Coca Herbal Liqueur

Distillery: BABCO Europe Limited, Zevenaar, Holland

Proof: 60; approximately 30% ABV

Color: Antifreeze green…yes, like what you put in your car. A glowing and vibrant color to get your party started.

Notes: Among the natural herbs, AGWA is also contains ginseng, and Guarana and caffeine

Nose: Lemon-lime, some floral, medicinal but not in bad or scary way…enticing

Taste: In a class all it’s own with an entry of citrus which becomes botanicals, aloe, and mint. Smooth mouthfeel and the tongue feels a distinct warmness to it just before the swallow with tingles. It is almost like the adventure of pop rocks in the mouth, but nothing is popping quite yet.

Finish: A cold breath of icey wind down your throat and then settles on powered sugar herbs.


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One Response to “AGWA de Bolivia, Coca Herbal Liqueur Review”

  1. Mitch

    I am not what you call a Drinker or an appreciator of fine Liquors. A small 50ml bottle of this Agwa De Bolivia was given to me as a gift. And that night I decided to open that small bottle and give it a swig. Moments later I had a feeling of well being and serenity! I can not explain in words. I am not a beer drinker or a liquor drinker. But this Agwa De Bolivia has caught my attention. The next day I questioned the gift giver to where he had acquired this potion I had been searching for! I had found two 750ml bottles and grabbed them both. This may be the Coca leaves talking but I must say a 10/10 coming from someone that does not drink regularly but has tried some extremely fine liquors! Enjoy or cheers!


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