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Early Times 354 BourbonBrown-Forman tells that beginning in January 2011, the Early Times brand is returning to its roots as a Bourbon. The new brand, called Early Times 354 Bourbon (354 for the original permit number for the distillery) will be bottled at 80 proof. After an absence in the US market of nearly 30 years, Early Times 354 Bourbon joins Early Times Kentucky Whisky in an expansion of the presence of the famous Early Times brand at retail. It will sell for $15.99. Bottles will start hitting shelves in late January.

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3 Responses to “Early Times 354 Bourbon”

  1. Joseph Flores

    I have been a long time Early Times drinker. When i tasted Early Times 354 i feel in love all over again. It is a wonderful bourbon that deserves to be on the top shelf. Joe Flores

  2. Ernie

    nice mild bourbon!

    Cant compete with Old Forester

    Old Forester Signature
    Wild Turkey 80 and 101
    Makers Mark
    4 Roses
    4 Roses small batch
    4 Roses Single barrell
    Woodford Reserve

    Buy a good Bourbon and leave this crap alone!

  3. Ed

    Early Times 354 is a step up from the Early Times Kentucky Whisky. Very drinkable and can be used with a mixer. I prefer the likes of Very Old Barton, JTS Brown and Old Crow Reserve in this price range.


  1.  VIDEO: Early Times 354 Bourbon Launch and Review with Master Distiller Chris Morris | BourbonBlog