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Winter Scene Maker's Mark Distillery Mary HagyThe scene on the new ¬†frosted Maker’s Mark Holiday Collector’s bottle is from an original oil painting by Mary Hagy as part of ¬†her four seasons at Maker’s Mark Distillery in Loretto, Kentucky. These paintings were released as limited Edition prints. Mary tells she has a gallery in Bardstown and as been very busy doing signing the Maker’s Mark Holiday Collector’sbottles, sometimes by the case during this Christmas season.

“People have been driving from Lexington and Louisville just to make sure they have that signature.” Mary tells us. “Maker’s has the most loyal fans.”

Learn more about Mary Hagy and her Mary Hagy Fine Art Gallery at

Maker's Mark Holiday Christmas Bottle

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6 Responses to “Maker’s Mark Winter Art”

  1. LN

    thanks everyone. Hubby got them and I thought I had saved the directions. But when I began filling them today I wondered how I would get the sphere to work. And couldn’t find the directions.
    the comments here will help….I hope

  2. LN

    whoops posted to the wrong topic…I was talking about the Ambassador gift [bourbon ice balls]

  3. Dave

    I received this bottle as a gift, and it is my first bottle of Maker’s Mark. I wonder if I should hang onto it or crack it open. Decisions, decisions!

  4. Karen Lynam

    Ms. Hagy, please, please, if any of these bottles are remaining, please reserve one for my sister, Mary Misinco. I got a phone # off your web site and sent it to her, so you should be hearing from her very shortly to confirm the order with a CC#. Karen

  5. Christy Mosteller

    Can you tell me where I could purchase a 2010 Makers Mark Winter Art? And if so, how much it cost? Also, could you tell if the 2011 edition has been released for sale yet?

    Thank you,