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Early Times 354 Bourbon official launch party with‘s Tom Fischer interviewing Master Distiller Chris Morris of Brown-Forman about this new release. Also, an on-camera review of Early Times 354 Bourbon review. As Chris Morris explains, Early Times was once a Bourbon whiskey before Brown-Forman’s decision in 1985 to make in a Kentucky Whisky due to the trend and popularity of lighter flavors at that time.‘s review of Early Times 354 Bourbon below

Early Times 354 BourbonEarly Times 354 Bourbon Review

Bourbon: Early Times 354 Bourbon

Distillery:Brown-Forman Distillers, Louisville, Kentucky

Proof: 80; approximately 40% ABV

Color: Light to medium amber

Nose: Vanilla, lightly spiced oak, caramel corn.

Taste: Approachable, corn forward, soft oak, and vanilla. The flavor has a slight similarity to Woodford Reserve and I distinctly notice the Brown-Forman cooperage signature. Delicate butterscotch and caramel corn with light yet richly sweet and surprisingly elegant tones.

Finish: Cleans up real nice, with a light user friendly linger.

Bourbon review by‘s Tom Fischer & Stephen Dennison


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  1. DrX

    Nice job. I think this is a nice bourbon, suited for folks who like whiskey on the softer side. I think this is a great transition product for Canadian whiskey drinkers who want to try bourbon, especially for the local price of $13.99.