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Valentine's Day CocktailsOne of the most entertaining aspects of the bartending profession is that of the impromptu drink. To take one’s knowledge, creativity and understanding of the
guest’s expectations; create something completely original (on the spot) and serendipitously produce a winning drink…

Well, it gets no better, in my opinion.

Thus is the case with the following cocktail. A follow-up with the recently acquired Revel Stoke Canadian Spiced Whisky, this began as an exercise in ‘first bar to carry it in the city’ to cocktail development session with drinkie comrades. The true name is a combination of the first initials of some regulars at Majid’s- Tammy G, Leah E, and David S. Future plans for a Zombie variation and a Rowan’s Creek cocktail in honor of bluegrass ginger, who was fashionably late for the ‘Revelry.’

It should also be noted that she is also a regular here at– a devotee to all things Kentucky whiskey.

Could it get more apropos? This meeting of the minds?

This particular drink is all spirits- a foray into appropriate proportion and a focus on low, mid and high notes. The Anejo and Islay Scotch provided the low, or back-notes; the Canadian Spiced Whiskey lent the mid, or prevalent notes; and the sumac- with its floral, acidic profile provided the high notes. Bouquet of expressed orange acts as a flavor bridge- tying all of the disparate elements together.

el Jimador Anejo TequilaThe Tender Loving Drink (TLD)

2 oz. Revel Stoke Canadian Spiced Whisky

½ oz. el Jimador Anejo Tequila

3 drops Lagavulin Islay Scotch

Stir all above ingredients well, strain into:

Cocktail glass, partially rimmed with a 1/1 proportion of ground sumac to granulated sugar.

Express orange zest.

Article and cocktail by Chef/Mixologist Stephen Dennison


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