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Knob Creek Single Barrel ReserveBeam Global Spirits & Wine, Inc. tells that nearly two decades after Booker Noe, grandson of Jim Beam and sixth-generation distiller, first introduced Knob Creek, the distiller has released its first-ever single barrel bourbon, Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve.

As Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve is released this month, it keeps with Knob Creek’s philosophy that handcrafting superior quality bourbon is worth the effort, the new Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve is naturally aged for a full 9 years and bottled at 120 proof (60% alcohol by volume).

We were among the first to bring you our Knob Creek Single Barrel Review in September of 2010 as we described the, “strong Alcohol prevalence, wheat characteristic, medium oak expression. Spice shows a hint of black pepper, cardamom and vanilla.”

Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve is carefully hand-selected, barrel-by-barrel, to be a unique expression of the original Knob Creek’s rich, mature flavor. Naturally aged in new, charred American Oak barrels, Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve is bottled at near barrel proof to maintain its strong, rich flavors and aromas. Unlike other bourbons, which are blended together from multiple barrels to create a uniform taste, each barrel of Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve, once hand-selected, is cut with water and bottled individually in
order to preserve its integrity and unique flavor profile. This process allows for variations in taste, color and aroma in each batch of bourbon.

“We pay close attention to the barrels we select for Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve as we want to ensure that we’re bottling an extraordinary bourbon with a complex balance of aroma and taste,” Fred Noe, seventh-generation Beam family distiller
and son of Booker Noe tells “I recommend enjoying this new bourbon neat, on the rocks or cut with a bit of water in order to best appreciate its depth and fullness of flavor.”

Incredibly smooth and nuanced, this new bourbon features even more of the rich wood and signature vanilla, caramel and smoky notes that bourbon lovers have come to expect from Knob Creek, the world’s number one selling Super-Premium bourbon.

“Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve is the latest innovation in our bourbon portfolio,” Rob Mason, U.S. director of Bourbons at Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Inc explains to “We are especially thrilled to introduce our first single barrel bourbon offering, and to further strengthen our already-established credibility in the Super-Premium category.”

The availability of Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve may vary from state to state but should be available in limited quantities across the U.S.A. by the end of February 2011 and retails for a suggested price of $39.99 for a 750ml bottle.


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5 Responses to “Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Released”

  1. James J M

    Can’t wait to try this out. I know you would likely drink this straight or with a splash of water. Would drinking it on the rocks be idiotic or not a bad idea?

  2. michael

    Tried it last night, really good … though not as good as the four roses single barrel

  3. Daniel Lattieri

    I finally had the pleasure, and I do mean pleasure, to try Knob Creek Single Barrel.
    From the very first taste I was a fan and will continue to be.
    I first learned of this remarkable bourbon on Bourbon and from that moment on I was pressuring the local liquor stores in my state to get it in.
    I have to say that I am a Jim Beam loyalist and I have never been disappointed in Jim Beam products, and judging by this new release, I am pleased to see that they are continuing to develop new ways to enjoy Americas finest whiskys.


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