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Jim Beam Devils Cut sold our soul to obtain one of the only bottles of Jim Beam Devil’s Cut known to exist. We did it to tempt you with this advanced review as it won’t be released  until May in select States and Summer 2011 nationwide.

This is the first Bourbon that we know of which uses fancy methods to pull whiskey which has been trapped deep inside the wood out of the barrel after the it has been dumped. This extracted Bourbon is added back to an extra-aged, 6-year Jim Beam Bourbon.

The result is a flavor with some fire, spice and sweetness that makes for a well-rounded sessionable Bourbon.

Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Review

Bourbon: Jim Beam Devil’s Cut

Distillery: Jim Beam Distillery, Clermont, Kentucky

Age: “Extra-aged” 6 years old Jim Beam Bourbon

Notes:For a more details on how the Bourbon is extracted from the wood, click here – Jim Beam Devil’s Cut

Proof: 90 Proof, 45% ABV

Color: Medium amber to rust

Nose: Diffusion of baking spices, oak, and nuttiness

Taste: While the Angels have taken their share out of the barrel, the Devil has left a Southern ambrosia here. The overwhelming notes are cinnamon and red hot candies, but not so prevalent that it becomes overly sweet. There is a buttery note on this which rounds out the spice, sweet and woody notes.

A bite of fire and kick on the swallow. Noticeable DNA of Beam Bourbons with hints of the Small Batch collection, including fragments of the lightness of Basil’s Hayden and boldness of Baker’s.

While Devil’s Cut is 90 proof, it drinks a bit friendlier and doesn’t feel like 90 in the mouth.

Finish: Mellow and warm.

Tasting notes and review by Tom Fischer of


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18 Responses to “Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Review”

  1. tomfischer

    Currently being stated at suggested retail price of $23.99 available in select states (NH, PA, VA, WA, OH, NC, and OR) in May, and nationwide this summer.

    Thanks for the question Matt!

  2. The Trot Line

    Oh man! We’re going to have to grab a bottle when it comes to Georgia this summer. Not usually a big fan of Jim Beam but maybe this will be the one! The whole process of extracting the bourbon sounds fascinating. Do you know anymore about how they will go about doing this?

  3. Jeff

    Picked up a bottle of this tonight on a whim – first time I saw it in NJ. Words can’t describe. Truly a sippin’ bourbon.

  4. KenFromOC

    Gotta try this! Just saw it at one of our average grocery stores (Stater Bros) for only $19! Less than any of Beam’s other small batch bourbons.

  5. Bob Siddoway

    I saw this at the liquor store the other day, but was reluctant to purchase it. Now it sounds like maybe I should have. Having some kick and boldness like Baker’s is something I enjoy. Now if only they’d release an older version of Bookers…

  6. Emery

    I’m a long time Jim Beam drinker, and have progressed from starting with the regular version onto the Jim Beam Black. I can now say that after going through several bottles of the Devel’s Cut version, there is no going back.

  7. christy

    I drink beam occassionally with my boyfriend and he mentioned it’s about time so today we were going to cookout and I picked this up to try out on him tonight so we’ll see if it stands the test because he loves his jim and pepsi, i tried it and its smooth so i bet he’ll love it. It got my approval now to see what he thinks……

  8. Zeth

    I seen the ad for Jim beam’s devil’s cut in playboy an thought awesome a new bourbon to try. Sadly I wasn’t impress by it there’s this rubbing alcohol smell to it not very smooth an I know what your thinking I’m not use to 90 proof it’s not that. I’ve tried shots of it an drinks an nothing but my head hurting. I can honestly say I will never buy another bottle of Devil’s Cut again but that’s just me don’t mean to bash on it if you all like it but hopefully mr. Beam will come out with some better the next time around I’ll be looking forward to it.

  9. mark taylor

    The concept was ingenious. I mean they are using the barrel to it’s fullest.I love it, for the price it blows Jack Daniels Black away. I no Jack is 80 proof and that’s were there problems began. Devil’s cut is my everyday bourbon and believe me I love my bourbon. I have access to the best bourbon available. Has just enough bite to let you no it’s 90 proof. The caramel,vanilla flavors come through when you let it set for awhile and some of the alcohol escapes. I’m impressed by the outcome.