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Seven Grand Los recommends Seven Grand in downtown Los Angeles for your favorite whiskey, check out the full whiskey list and Bourbon menu below, and leave your own reviews under comments. This swank Irish infused urban oasis serves up 300+ premium whiskeys, rare ryes and small batch bourbons on a hand-carved black walnut bar under the stony gaze of freshly hunted Jackalopes.

Thanks to its bounty of 12 different glacier-cold pints, a 150 year-old pool table, exclusive dipped-in-bourbon Makers Mark cigars, Spaceland curated Indie rock and traditional Celtic drinking music, the pace of modern LA stands still.


tel: 213.614.0736

Seven Grand Bar LA


Old Fitzgerald Bonded 100pf $8
Rebel Yell $8
Makers Mark $8
Old Weller 107pf $9
Old Rip Van 10yr $9
W.L. Weller 12yr $9
Old Rip Van 107pf $10
Old Fitzgerald 12yr $11
Rip Van Winkle SR 12yr $15
Pappy Van Winkle 15yr 107pf $18
Pappy Van Winkle 20yr $30
Pappy Van Winkle 23yr $52
Elijah Craig 12yr $8
Bulleit $9
Buffalo Trace $9
1792 Ridgemont Reserve $10
Corner Creek $10
Four Roses Small Batch $10
Black Maple Hill Small Batch $10
Woodford Reserve $10
Knob Creek 100pf $11
Baker’s 107pf $12
Basil Hayden’s $12
Rockhill Farm 100pf $13
Old Pogue Master’s Select $14
Jefferson’s Reserve 15yr $14
Michter’s Small Batch Bourbon $14
WT Kentucky Spirit $14
Kentucky Vintage $14
Pure Kentucky $16
Rowan’s Creek $18
Eagle Rare 17yr $20
Michter’s Small Batch 10yr $20
Hudson 4 Grain $26
Jefferson Presidential Select 17yr $26
Four Roses Mariage 107.8pf $28
Parker’s Heritage 27yr $40
A. H. Hirsch 16 yr Pot Still $80
Wild Turkey Rare Breed 108.2pf $12
Booker’s 130.1pf $16
Willet 6yr 129.2pf $15
Willet 7yr 121.9pf $16
Noah’s Mill 15yr 114.3pf $20
William Larue Weller 125.3pf $20
George T. Stagg 141.4pf $22
Ancient Age $7
Cabin Still $7
Jim Beam White $7
Ezra Brooks $7
Evan Williams 7yr $7
Fighting Cock 103pf $7
Henry McKenna Table Whiskey $7
Old Granddad 100pf $7
Old Crow $7
Old Forester $7
Old Taylor $7
Wild Turkey 80pf $7
Old Forester Signature 100pf $8
Wild Turkey 101pf $8
Old Granddad 114pf $8
Jim Beam Black 8yr $8
Corner Creek $9
Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 94pf $11
Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 97pf $12
Jefferson’s 8yr $12
Old Bardstown $14
Elmer T. Lee $9
Eagle Rare 10yr $10
Evan Williams Vintage $10
Sam Houston $11
Elijah Craig 18yr $13
Blanton’s $14
Four Roses Single Barrel $14
Willet $15
Michter’s 25yr Bourbon $58


Tullamore Dew $7
John Powers $8
Jameson $8
Bushmills $8
Paddy’s $8
Michael Collins $9
Black Bush $10
Tullamore Dew 10yr $11
Tullamore Dew 12yr $12
Jameson 1780 12yr $12

Jameson Gold


Jameson 18yr


Bushmills 1608


Midleton Very Rare

Jameson Vintage $45
Tyrconnell Single Malt $10

Bushmills 10yr

Connemara Peated Single Malt $14

Knappogue C.V.


Bushmills 16yr

Murray McDavid Cooley12yr 92pf $21
Connemara Peated 12yr Single Malt $24
Bushmills 21yr $36
Redbreast 12yr $13
Connemara Malt 117.8pf $16
Old Masters Peated119pf $38
Greenore 8yr $14
Greenore 15yr $16
White Horse $7
Famous Grouse $8
William Grant $9
Johnnie Walker Red $9
J&B Rare $9
Cutty Sark $9
Dewars White Label $9
Famous Grouse 12yr $11
Chivas Regal12yr $11
Johnnie Walker Black $11
Pinch 15yr $12
Pig’s Nose $12
Black Bottle 10yr $13
Dewars 12yr Reserve $13
Compass Box Asyla $13
Compass Box Oak Cross $14
Compass Box Orangerie infusion $14
Sheep Dip 8yr $14
Hogshead $16
Johnnie Walker Green $17
Dewars 18yr $17
Famous Grouse 18 yr $18
Chivas Regal 18yr $18
Compass Box Spice Tree $18
Compass Box Peat Monster 92pf $18
Compass Box Flaming Heart 97.8pf $20
Ballantines 17yr $21
Johnnie Walker Gold $22
Sheep Dip 1990 $27
Dewars Signature $32
Chivas Regal Royal Salute 21yr $40
Johnnie Walker Blue $44
Ballantines 30yr $66
Chivas Regal 25yr $76
J.W. Blue King George V $110
Chivas Regal R.S. ‘Stone of Destiny’ $124
Compass Box Hedonism $24
Strathclyde 37yr (D.R.) $50
Aberfeldy 12yr $12
Ardmore Peated 12yr $14
Dalmore 12yr $14

Glengoyne 10yr


Old Pulteney 12yr


Stronachie 12yr


Edradour 10yr $15
Glenmorangie 10yr $15
Dalwhinnie 15yr $16
Glenmorangie Lasanta $17
Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban $17
Glenmorangie Nectar D’or $18
Oban 14yr
Tullibardine 14yr $18
Balblair 16yr (D.R.) $19
Clynelish 14yr $20
Oban 15yr Distiller’s Edition $21
Aberfeldy 21yr $28
Glenmorangie Astar $32
Seven Grand Sign Los Angeles


Glenkinchie 10yr $15
Auchentoshan Three Wood $17
Springbank 10yr $18
Springbank 10yr 100pf $19
Longrow 10yr 1996 92pf $24
Springbank 12yr (D.L.) $24
MacPhail’s 8yr – Orkney $12
Smokehead – Islay $13
Bowmore Legend – Islay $13
Highland Park 12yr – Orkney $14
Bruichladdich Rocks unpeated – Islay $15

Bunnahabhain 12yr – Islay

Laphroaig 10yr – Islay $15
Ledaig 10yr – Mull $15
Laphroaig, Quarter Cask, 96pf – Islay $17
Talisker 10yr – Skye $17
Ardbeg 10yr – Islay $18
Arran 10yr – Arran $18
Bowmore 12yr – Islay $18
Coal Ila 12yr – Islay $18
Lagavulin 12yr Limited Edition – Islay $18
Scapa 16yr – Orkney $18
Bruichladdich 15yr Links Ed. – Islay $19
Highland Park 15yr – Orkney $19
Laphroaig 10yr Cask Strength – Islay $20

Highland Park 18yr – Orkney


Lagavulin 16yr – Islay


Lagavulin Distillers Edition 1991 – Islay


Ardbeg Uigeadail – Islay


Ardbeg Nam Beist – Islay


Laphroaig 18yr – Islay


Talisker 175th Anniversary Ed. – Skye

Highland Park 25yr – Orkney $50

Laphroaig 25 Yr – Islay

Glenlivet 12yr $12
Macallan 10yr Fine Oak $12
Singleton of Glen Dullan $12
Speyside 12yr $12
Glenfiddich 12yr $12
The Glenlivet 15yr, French Oak $13
Glenfiddich 15yr $14
Tomintoul 10yr $14
Strathisla 12yr $14
Glen Grant 12yr $15
Aberlour 12yr $16
GlenRothes Select Barrel $16
Balvenie 12yr Double Wood $16
Glenfarclas 12yr $16
Macallan 12yr $16
Balvenie 12yr Signature Edition $18
Balvenie 15yr Single 100.8 $18
Aberlour a’ Bunadh 119pf $18
Macallan Cask Strength $18
Tomintoul 16yr $18
Glenfiddich 18yr $19
Benromach Organic $20
Macallan 15yr Fine Oak $21
Cragganmore 12yr $21
GlenRothes 1991 Vintage $22
Glenfarclas 105 – Cask Strength $24
Glenlivet 16yr Nadurra Cask Strength $24
Glenlivet 1991 Nadurra $25
Longmorn 16yr Signatory $25
Macallan 17yr Fine Oak $26
Balvenie 17yr Madeira Cask $26
Balvenie 17yr Rum Cask $26
Glenfarclas 17yr $26
Macallan 18yr $30
Glenfarclas 21yr $30
Balvenie 21yr Port Wood $32
Macallan 1841 Replica $46
Ben Riach 21yr Authenticus Peated $40
Glenfarclas 1974 $48
Glenglassaugh 30yr (D.R.) $50
Macallan 21yr $55
Macallan 22yr (Malt Trust) $52
GlenLivet XXV 25yr $88
GlenLivet 1972 Cellar Collection $140
Macallan 30yr Fine Oak $150
Macallan 55yr –Served by the ½ ounce $500
Served by the ounce $900
Full Serving $1200

Dress code is strictly enforced. No shorts, flip flops, baseball hats, athletic wear, including jerseys, or overly baggy clothing will be allowed.


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4 Responses to “Seven Grand, Los Angeles”

  1. Nate

    Used to feel like your walking into a classy speakeasy.. Now it feels like your walking into RIKERS ISLAND PRISON with the THUGGISH and AGGRESSIVE bouncers working the door. The gangester thuggy vibe at the door is enough to turn Seven Grand from a respectable establishment when a Gentlemen would go to get a drink, to the equivalent of any overhyped trendy come and go nightclub.

    I have been going to seven grand ever since it opened (mid 2007) and I really enjoyed it at first, even the doormen used to be polite, greeting you as you enter and treating customers with respect and courtesy. Unfortunately it has changed dramatically since then. I had an AWFUL experience there last night and will probably never return.

    I had some important clients visiting from New York, they were staying downtown. We decided to meet at Seven Grand. I arrive a little early (knowing it was a sat night) I get right in fine. My client texts that she is at the downstairs bar in the restaurant , I tell her I will come meet her then bring her back upstairs to 7grand bar.

    I walk down the stairs I am still holding a beer from upstairs, the bouncer yelled at me that I can’t take my beer outside, I explain to him calmly I wasn’t trying to go outside, just into the other bar. He says “NO! You will NOT be doing that. Get rid of the beer” I say back “ok, sorry about that. be right back” I walk upstairs to put my bottle down at the bar. When i return he puffs his chest out and gives me a mad dog look. I ignore it and walk into the restaurant. I didn’t see the client at the bar so I decided to go back upstairs

    (I was in the restaurant no longer than 2-3 minutes) as I start to walk back up the stairs to Seven Grand the same bouncer says “Your not going up there” I let him know I was already up there and I still have a tab at the bar. He answers “too bad, i don’t give a shit, your not going up”

    This was about 10:30pm I am wearing a suit, I am calm not causing any trouble, not drunk.. and I have a tab at the bar.. I calmly explain that I have a tab and I am meeting clients up stairs. In a THUGGISH and THREATENING tone the bouncer says if you want to pay your tab you have to get to the end of the line, wait there and then once we let you in you can pay. At this point I get upset, I let the bouncer know I no longer even want to stay and drink at Seven Grand, and I will go somewhere else with the clients, just let me get my credit card.

    He wouldn’t let me EVEN GET MY CREDIT CARD! They PUSH me out the door and make me stand off to the side. At this point I go find another bouncer who looks like the head bouncer, I tell him its unacceptable and I need my card. He tells me I have three options. 1. Wait in line, 2. pay him to get in or 3. close your tab and leave.. INSULTED and shocked by the EXTORTION attempt, I let him know I just want my tab. He radios the stairway bouncer to let me up.

    I go up to the bar and proceed to tell the bartender what happened. He was quite friendly and gave me some free-drink casino chips for next time I come. I tip him 50% and leave. I don’t think I will ever return to be honest with you. Even though i LIKE the bartenders and I like the decor.

    The way I was treated by the doormen was completely unacceptable, I understand they have to deal with a lot of attitude and drunk patrons however I was in a suit, very polite, not intoxicated, and I was coming to have several drinks with my guests and spend $. All of that was still not good enough to get any courtesy or respect from The Seven Grand hood rat bouncer squad.

    If i was the management I would be embarrassed to have my curb appeal and rep tarnished by the ignorant THUGS they have working the door. I am one of your original patrons, and generally a larger spender when I visit your establishment and feel angry about the EXTORTION attempt and ATTITUDE i was treated with.

    I thought Seven Grand was the spot for a Gentleman’s Gentleman, unfortunately it has changed.

    My clients and I went to another bar, walked right in and had a great night.

  2. Paul

    This is my absolute favorite bar on the planet. And I’ve been to many a bar.
    I love my whiskey, and have not found a better place to quench my thirst. I’ve been going to Seven Grand for years, and while the crowds have changed with the bar’s growing popularity (more trendy/entitled crowds on the weekends), the place is as great as when it opened. I know most of the bartenders and doormen by name. I even reserved some space and celebrated my last birthday there.
    If you’re looking for a place where you get a quick drink with no effort or care for the integrity of the liquor/cocktail, this isn’t your place. If you want a blended margarita or a jack and coke, go somewhere else. Not that the bartenders won’t try and accommodate you with another cocktail, or whatever you order, it just doesn’t make sense for you to come here. Seriously.
    If don’t mind the bartenders taking some time and effort to make you an exceptional drink, Seven Grand is your place. Being friendly, patient, and getting to know your bartenders always helps in the time it takes to get your next drink. And while most girls don’t like whiskey, they have some whiskey drinks that any girl worth taking to Seven Grand would love (see Big Mac).
    They have some great live music during the week worth checking out. That’s usually when I go (I try to avoid the weekend madness).
    And for the record, the doormen are there for your protection and for the protection of others. I’ve been to plenty of places where they act like jerks. The ones at Seven Grand do not. If you think you’re in Vegas walking out of the bar with your drink, or if you try to bring in clients to cut through a line, they will regulate, and probably not in the nicest way. I’m just sayin…

    Cheers to Seven Grand!

  3. Phil

    Great place for Angelino whiskey-lovers. I went there for the first time last weekend and had an Old Potrero 18th Century rye, which was incredibly complex and wonderful.

  4. Phil

    By the way, next time you guys are in LA, check out one of the Bigfoot Lodge bars (two locations). Very good whiskey selection and they make an incredible Old Fashioned.