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Woodford Reserve Salad DressingLet’s face it: Salad dressing is intended to give salad flavor. Otherwise, it would taste like what?

Surely just one time you’d rather your salad taste like Blue Cheese than Bourbon, right?

Woodford Reserve Bourbon has created its first-ever bottled salad dressing called Woodford Reserve Sorghum Vinaigrette Dressing.

The delectable dressing was developed at The Woodford Reserve Distillery by Chef-in-Residence Ouita Michel for the famous Bourbon Academy Salad (recipe below). Michel teamed up with Bourbon Barrel Foods’ Matt Jamie to bottle the dressing.

“We wanted to reflect the flavors of our premium spirit perfectly- sorghum and bourbon is a match made in heaven. This dressing is light and tangy with the smooth flavors of Kentucky Sorghum running throughout,” Michel tells

Made in Louisville, the dressing contains Kentucky sorghum–similar to molasses–along with apple cider, vinegar, Woodford Reserve bourbon, onion powder, paprika, and hot sauce.

The dressing also works as a marinade for grilled pork and chicken or even on fresh fruit such as peaches, marinated and grilled.

So for those of you that remember our article “To Build  Vinaigrette” recipe with Vodka, we were on to something even then.

If you’re interested in purchasing this dressing call 859-879-1940 and tell them sent you!

Here is a suggested recipe..

Bourbon Academy Salad Recipe

– Limestone Bibb lettuce
– Fresh sliced oranges or strawberries
– Toasted pecans
– Thin sliced red onion

Assemble all items, and drizzle dressing over the top and toast to Bourbon in more places than just your glass .


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  1. Whisky Critic

    What a unique idea for a salad dressing–I think it’s brilliant. Woodford Reserve’s bourbon certainly is, so I will definitely have to try this stuff out!