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Robert Williamson III, Professional Poker Player

Robert Williamson III, Professional Poker Player

How good is YOUR poker face? Professional poker player Robert Williamson III and Jim Beam Whiskey Professor Bernie Lubbers join‘s Tom Fischer during Kentucky Bourbon Festival 2011.

Bernie tests Robert’s lie detecting skills as Robert gives us suggestions on how to lie better. One bet worth making with no gambles is drinking some Jim Beam Bourbon in the smokehouse with these guys at Fred Noe’s “Bourbon Q” party.

This video may be the only place online where you can learn this poker face for free to play better poker, because we’re quite sure you already know how to drink the Jim Beam Bourbon quite well!

Check out the new book by Bernie Lubbers here – Bourbon Whiskey Our Native Spirit: Sour Mash and Sweet Adventures

And watch our archived interview with Robert Williamson III and Phil Helmuth from the poker championship at Kentucky Derby here.


Filmed and edited by Patrick Kramer during Kentucky Bourbon Festival 2011 in Bardstown, Kentucky.


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