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SoCo Fiery Pepper Tabasco Sauce“The South in Your Mouth” may be a bit overused , but seems to be appropriate here as Southern Comfort Liqueur blends their original liqueur with Tabasco sauce. Two New Orleans flavors in one bottle and certainly well done with the combination of flavors.

The sweetness level is high, but not so sugary that it can’t be enjoyed straight as the “fiery pepper” rounds it out nicely.

However, the hot world of possibilities that Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper will give mixologists will be far more useful this one as a sipper or shooter.

Here is my review on the video above and tasting notes below…

Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper Review

Liqueur:: Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper

Produced and bottled by: Southern Comfort Company, Louisville, KY (Brown-Forman)

Proof: 70 Proof, 35% ABV

Color: Light to medium rust

Nose: Cinnamon candies, slightly smokey citrus, enough sweet Tabasco to tickle the nose

Taste: Enters sweet, begins to coat the mouth with a tangy and mildy cloying bite as the Tabasco sause opens up toward mid-palette and finish. It becomes like a fiery candy with notes of the peppers expressed in a sugary and pleasant fashion. The heat level isn’t super intense. Hints of glazed peaches, buttery citrus and mild orange-flavored whiskey element. The whiskey is fairly hard to detect within the fire, but swims within.

Finish: Candy-like and sweet with a smooth medium to long finish

Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper

The Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper package sent to us at included glowing shot glasses and a fire alarm.

This story and review are dedicated to my friend Fluff whom I haven’t seen for years. When I lived in Oxford, England, he was an avid fan of Southern Comfort. He always dreamt of visiting New Orleans and playing his guitar in a club there. Thanks for all the good times on Cornmarket Street.


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One Response to “Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper Review”

  1. Ed

    I tried this for the first time tonight. The flavor is not bad, but I don’t care for the nose. I tried it first neat, and the pepper smell is too strong. It smells very strongly of green/red peppers. I did like how the light burn came on after I swallowed. I later mixed it with Coke, which helped mask the smell without overly diluting the burn.