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Drambuie 15 whisky liqueur became the first to bring you the video segment below about the new Drambuie 15 months ago when we tasted it at the launch at Tales of the Cocktail.

For whisky and Scotch fans, we recommend trying the new expression, Drambuie 15 as it brings the whisky cues to the forefront as compared to the original Drambuie.

However, the elixir which Drambuie fans have come to love, is still there in a smaller dosage allowing a refined message of smoke and sweet to speak.

Old Speyside malts with soft, complex fragrance and flavors to complement the aromas of the secret DRAMBUIE recipe.

A soft mouthfeel and delicious for sipping and savoring either neat or over ice. With the retail price of $56 (1 liter, 43% ABV), it brings a much different flavor than you might expect.

Here is our review…

Drambuie 15 Year Old Speyside Whisky Liqueur Review

Drambuie 15 year old Scotch whisky packaging Whisky: Drambuie 15

Distillery: The Drambuie Liqueur Co.Ltd, Edinburgh, Scotland

Age: 15 year old Speyside Malt blended with Drambuie’s elixir

Proof: 86 Proof, 43% ABV

Color:Rich gold

Nose: Herbacious qualities much like the original Drambuie along with light peat, lavender and burnt sugar almost “brûlée” type aroma.

Taste: The sugar comes in first then goes straight to the heather honey along with the more pronounced notes of a silky Scotch whisky.

There is a fruitiness, maple syrup, walnuts, pralines and vanilla. Pleasant complexities that compliment the Scotch notes.

One member of our tasting pannel said this Drambuie 15 reminded her a bit of Lochan Ora Scotch Liqueur which is made by Chivas Brothers, and she likes the Drambuie 15 even better. We believe Lochan Ora is only available in Europe and the U.K.

Finish: Cleans up well with a lingering Scotch and sweetness.

Drambuie 15 Year Old Release Video at Tales of the Cocktail

Whisky review by‘s Tom Fischer and Stephen Dennison along with our dear friend Gayle DeMersseman


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2 Responses to “Drambuie 15 Year Old Speyside Whisky Liqueur Review”

  1. geoffrey burrows

    Drambuie 15 year old Liqueur is a unique Speyside liqueur has that superb classic 15 year old single Malt maturity and the superb aromatic fragrance and peatyness that only Drambuie can bring to a truly aged liqueur with that wonderful heady fragrance of the unspoilt Isley heather honey that brings this liqueur into a class of it’s own. Whatever you’re doing keep it up. This can only be a good thing

  2. harlie

    There is a fruitiness, maple syrup, walnuts, pralines and vanilla. Pleasant complexities that compliment the Scotch notes.<— I did not think i would find pralines in Drabuie.