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Stranahans Colorado Whisky brings you a winter twist on the Old-Fashioned Christmas theme which will transport your holiday spirit all the way to Colorado with the taste of Stranahan’s Colorado Whisky, created by our own mixologist Stephen Dennison.

Colorado Christmas Fashioned

2.5 oz. Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey
1 Sugar cube
4 dashes Boker’s Holiday Bitters
Maraschino cherry
Half orange slice


1 Place all except whiskey in rocks glass and muddle until becomes slurry.
2. Add Stranahan’s to the mix and place all in tin then dry shake for 30 seconds to break down sugars.
3. Add ice to tin and shake for additional 10 seconds
4. Strain over ice in rocks glass.


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2 Responses to “Colorado Christmas Fashioned”

  1. Terry

    What’s the latest scoop with Stranahans anyway? Seems like the story keeps changing. First it sounded like they were selling, then partnering with a brewery… are they making more product or what? It really is one of the most unique american whiskeys on the market. And my bottle is almost empty… any thoughts?