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We know for Valentine’s Day what matters most is the love between people. Okay, we get that.

But we’re, so we want to know what whisk(e)y or Bourbon do you love the most? Answer below under comments and leave a reply here.

Invite you to answer as you like and share your favorites with us OR which you think are the best. Please don’t let the bottles above bias you, unless they were already your pick

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19 Responses to “What whiskey or bourbon do you love the most?”

  1. Jim Latoski

    Very close for me. Bourbons – would be Makers Mark and Wild Turkey-Rare Breed; Whiskey’s – Pendleton-1910

  2. Jay

    Elijah Craig 12 is my favorite… haven’t had any in the house for a while though. I need to fix that.

  3. Lazer

    In no particular order. FR1B, WTRB, Ritt BIB (not exactly bourbon, but close), PHC Wheater, KC1B, OGD (any), elijah craig (any)

  4. Steve

    Knob Creek is my favorite. I like most bourbons, but if I have to choose only one, it has to be Knob Creek.