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John B. Stetson BourbonWhen whiskeys and spirits are branded under names by fashion companies or celebrities, we have to question if there is flavor behind the marketing.

John B. Stetson Bourbon is a new 4 year old Straight Kentucky Bourbon from the legendary American company famous for hats and western apparel.

This bourbon lives up to Stetson’s reputation of American quality and stands apart from the rest especially considering its youth.

With a pleasant combination of complexity, barrel expression, and  approachability, Stetson will win showdowns with many other young Bourbon. And priced at $26.99, worth adding to your collection, cowboys and cowgirls! Here is‘s review below.

Most notable for its hats, John B. Stetson began making hats in 1865. and continues with this new Bourbon launched by Vision Wine & Spirits, LLC.

John B. Stetson Bourbon Review

Stetson Bottle

Bourbon: John B. Stetson Bourbon

Distillery: A Kentucky distiller. However, Vision Wine & Spirits tell u “Regrettably since it is private label for Stetson, we are not allowed to divulge the distiller”

Availability: NY, NJ, CT, DE, MD, DC, FL, IL, IN, MN, TN, TX, CA, OR and more to come.

Proof:  84 Proof, 42% ABV

Color: Light amber

Nose: Sweet corn, citrus, nice prevalence of alcohol.

Taste: Enters with mild butterscotch, corn, and a lovely mash flavor expresses itself. The grains are distinct yet smooth on mouthfeel. The higher proof than the typical 4 year bourbon allows the release of defined warmth and boldness with a light and welcomed bite. Overall, the flavor is straightforward enough for the novice whiskey drinker, yet unique for enthusiasts to enjoy.

Finish:  Slightly dry, fresh and spicy.

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Stetson Bourbon review

Stetson Ad Commercial


James Stewart cowboy

Stetson Easy For You Video Commercial from the early 1990’s


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  1. Sipper Deluxe

    Oh, come on. Thin, one-dimensional bourbon with the bite of unresolved alcohol. This is a lifestyle accessory, not a serious whiskey.