Posted by brings you the first review of the new Wild Turkey 81 Rye in this video segment above with Tom Fischer and in the tasting notes below. This is a unique gem for rye lovers offering a contrast between spicy and light.

Wild Turkey 81 Rye will be released in Spring 2012 available in the US for around $22.99 per 750ml. bottle. This 81 proof rye whiskey  was created  by a mingling of 4 and 5-year old Rye whiskies naturally aged in warehouses without computer temperature controls available.

Like the 2011 release of Wild Turkey 81 Bourbon, this whiskey was crafted by Wild Turkey’s Associate Master Distiller, Eddie Russell.


Wild Turkey 81 Rye Review

Wild Turkey Rye 81

Whiskey: Wild Turkey 81 Rye

Distillery: Wild Turkey, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Proof:  81 Proof, 40.5% ABV

Color: Light amber

Nose: Mild fruit, slightly herbal with hints of spice

Taste:  For 81 proof, the burn and spice are solid and bold as can be delivered in a lower proof Wild Turkey whiskey. However, within the boldness, there is some restraint shown in an elegant contrast. The rye speaks of youth with a well-balanced “heartiness.”

The spicy rye flavor stays on the tongue for a brief taste and then fades into a pool of light notes including chocolate, baking spices and mild cinnamon with a smooth, gentle texture.

Finish:  Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Additionally, savory characteristics much different from other ryes on the market. In the video, I mention notes reminiscent of  “Indian” or “Mexican” food, perhaps a hint of cumin.

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Wild Turkey 81 Rye

Special thanks Annabelle for filming video.


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