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Anthony Bourdain CNN New ShowWorld-renowned chef, bestselling author and Emmy winning television host Anthony Bourdain will host a new show next year on CNN.

Launching in early 2013, the show will be shot on location and examine cultures from around the world through their food and dining and travel rituals.

Slated to air domestically on Sundays in prime time with repeat airings on Saturday nights, it will mark a further step in broadening and distinguishing CNN’s weekend programming from its traditional weekday news coverage.

The weekend show will be a departure for CNN in both content and procedure from CNN’s normal offerings. CNN usually does its programming in-house. However, Zero Point Zero Productions, an outside production company tied to Bourdain, will make the series.

“I’m really looking forward to coming over to CNN. I think the world is going to get a whole lot bigger for me. I hope that old fans and new ones will be excited about what’s coming down the road,” says Bourdain.

On Anthony Bourdain’s Twitter feed @NORESERVATIONS, Bourbdain tweeted , “Congo? Libya? Finally?” seeming to indicate new


Bourdain tweeted directly back staying, ” I won’t. Promise!

However, Bourdain has shared politican views in the past on Anderson Cooper 360 as a guest on a panel in the video below. And opinions mixed with travel and Bourdain’s raw, authentic and opinionated style may be one some viewers and Bourdain fans hope to see in a new show.

What do YOU hope to see on Bourdain’s new show? Tell us under comments below.

Anthony Bourdain has done programs on both the Travel Channel and Food Network, and also appeared in the Bravo competition Top Chef. His CNN show we’re told at will feature cultures around the world through the prism of dining traditions.

“We have license to love a wide variety of news, not just war and politics, but other things that reflect all aspects of our lives,” said Mark Whitaker, CNN executive vice president and managing editor.

Anthony Bourdain Interview's Tom Fischer interviews Anthony Bourdain. In the interview, Bourdain affirms to Tom that he is indeed a fan of Bourbon whiskey.

CNN says they also want to do more to distinguish its weekend programming from its weekday offerings, Whitaker said. The network is looking at other things, he said, but he would not yet discuss them.

The food and travel  show should not be considered a model for CNN programming during the week, he said. The domestic news network has suffered two of its worst ratings weeks over the past 20 years during the past month.

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Anthony Bourdain new CNN show

We're toasting to you Anthony Bourdain, congratulations on your new CNN Show!


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