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Evan Williams Apple Orchard LiqueurA good reason to look forward to fall and bourbon together…

Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. tells that the newest addition to the Evan Williams Bourbon family—Evan Williams is Apple Orchard Seasonal Liqueur which will be available nationally starting in September 2012 for $11.99 per 750 ml bottle. bottled at a modest 17% alcohol/volume or 34 proof.

Other flavors you might have tried under the the Evan Williams name include Evan Williams Honey Reserve, Cherry Reserve, and Cinnamon Reserve.

Evan Williams is Apple Orchard Seasonal Liqueur will only be available to during the fall months of September through November. Once shipments are gone, no more will be made available until the next fall season. Because it contains real apple cider, it should be refrigerated after opening, and shaken well before being poured.

It will marry flavor and heritage by using real apple cider and Evan Williams Bourbon, the nation’s, and the world’s, number two selling Bourbon brand. This ready-to-serve seasonal specialty can be enjoyed right out of the bottle, warmed for a traditional usage, or mixed with Autumnal cocktails.

For many years bourbon lovers and Southerners alike have combined warmed apple cider or applejack with some good straight Bourbon for what is sometimes called a ciderhouse whiskey cocktail. Evan Williams Apple Orchard will makes that tradition easy and fun to pour.

The tag line Evan Williams is Apple Orchard Seasonal Liqueur will be “A Bushel of Flavor Meets a Barrel of Smoothness.” We’ll bring you our review of this new liqueur soon on

“We believe that Evan Williams Apple Orchard will be a major consumer sensation this fall,” Evan Williams Senior Brand Manager Susan Wahl tells us. “There are no other ready-to-serve products like it available today, and we believe the combination of an authentic apple cider and real Evan Williams Bourbon, warmed and served in a mug, will be one of the biggest new seasonal spirits launches this fall.”


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8 Responses to “Evan Williams Apple Orchard Seasonal Liqueur”

  1. Nola McGlothen

    They served Evan Williams Apple Orchard with Sprite at a wedding I attended. It was so good. I got a shot of it flavorful, no bite, & so smooth! Now I’m trying to find a bottle, but no such luck.

  2. Marc

    Please don’t ruin it with Sprite or cola. This is wonderful by itself. If you need, add some ice or ice water, but nothing syrupy or sweet.

    I haven’t tried it hot yet, but that seems a natural.

  3. Squirts

    January 2013 and my wife just found 12 bottles at Wally World marked down to 3bux a bottle. Mine, mine! It’s all mine! (Evil laugh here). 🙂

  4. Paul Burger

    Recently enjoyed it, all three bottles gone. Its a great sleeper/snipper. Need a nap with a jack, do a shot or three with a cube or two, set back and prepare to recline in pleasure time.
    Good Nite Irene, feels like fall year round.

    Good stuff……Looking forward to apple cider season…..good product/good quality.

    Interested in your other flavors seasonally as well.