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Bulleit 10 Bourbon Whiskey

Bulleit 10 Bourbon Whiskey

Bulleit Bourbon releases the new Bulleit 10 Year Old Bourbon for around $45 for a 750 ml bottle.

This 10 year old expression of Bulleit has been a mystery as there has been a tight-lipped-ness about it from the brand.

We appreciate that at and we’ve been working to get more info as we are indeed Bulleit fans, here is what we know…

Bulleit 10 is 91.2 proof (only slightly higher than the original at 90 proof) and has been released in at least the state of Kansas from what we’re told.

We’re told that it tastes like it has more rye in the mashbill.

Some of followers on our Twitter and facebook have been posting some photos before the brand and marketing teams have released any official statement.

Keep coming to as we’ll bring you a review on Bulleit 10,  and other information including where to buy it and order the bourbon online.

If YOU have any information or have tasted it because we know there are a few bottles out there, welcome you post your comments below on this link.

Until then, we’re on a hunt and we’re giving kudos for the photos and information to  Adam Clary , Topeka BoozeHounds and other friends.



Bulleit Bourbon 10 Box and Bottle

Bulleit Bourbon 10 Box and Bottle

Bulleit 10 Bourbon

Bulleit 10 Bourbon, a new 10 year old release




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One Response to “Bulleit 10 Year Old Bourbon”

  1. john olson

    Fort Collins, Colorado here
    our local liquor store owner got three bottle of the 10 year old in
    and tells me he will sell me one for $38

    Nice guy who recently lowered the price of the regular Bulleit just for us