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Bulleit 10 is the first media outlet to review the new Bulleit 10 Bourbon in the video and detailed tasting below.

The Pros: For Bulleit lovers, the flavor has similar qualities to the original and we suggest you try it.

This one is a “grown up” Bulleit expression for the more refined palette. The finish is where it sings of most age and depth.

It can be sipped neat and is equally as enjoyable in cocktails as the mixologists have taken extremely well to the brand’s characteristics.

The Cons: Bulleit 10 may not be worth the “suggested retail price” tag of $44.99 to everyone in Bulleit’s target market for this release.

When compared to original Bulleit Bourbon, the flavor journey isn’t as far from it with expression of age and depth as we expected.

Which ain’t a bad thing because original Bulleit is indeed a mighty fine Bourbon.

Depending on what you want to spend for the taste, you’ll have to decide if Bulleit 10 is worth the extra $15-$20 more a bottle )based on an average price of $25-$30 / 750 ml bottle for original.)

We’re proud to be the first to review this unique, new offering for you which will be on shelves across the country soon.

Original Bulleit Bourbon has no age statement, but from what we’re told is typically aged between 6 – 7 years, selected when the flavor is ready, mingled to the desired flavor profile with a mashbill of 68% corn, 28% rye, 4% malted barley.

The brand says Bulleit 10 has the same “high rye mashbill.”

Bulleit 10 also comes with some education on Bulleit history on an insert in the box which tells the story of the Bulleit family, offers charm and advice from Tom Bulleit and invites Bourbon fans to write at Stitzel-Weller Distillery’s address in Louisville, Kentucky.

Bulleit 10 comes dressed in a fancy orange box giving it handsome marketing to further declare it’s presence enticing you to buy it for your bar.

Bulleit 10 also recently won a Double God at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2013.

The Bulleit Family has brought back August Bulleit’s recipe in way the last several years making it what they call “#1 Small Batch Bourbon”


Bulleit 10 Bourbon Review


Bulleit 10 Bourbon BoxBourbon: Bulleit 10 Bourbon

Distillery: The Bulleit Distilling Company

Proof91.2 proof, 45.6% Alcohol by Volume (ABV)

Age: 10 years

Color: Russet

Nose: Char, spice, a bit more fire and prevalence of alcohol than original Bulleit.

Taste: Straightforward Bourbon characteristics showcasing the impressive simplicity in a well-made Bourbon. Caramel, vanilla, pleasant sugars and spicy rye.

Approachable and slightly bolder and a touch more elegant than original Bulleit Bourbon.

Toffee and sweetness comes toward the end mid-palette and begins to mellow into a touch of smokey cinnamon.

FinishMuddled cherries and apricot, juicy barrel.


Bulleit 10 Years Old

Bulleit 10 Bourbon Label Box

Bulleit 10 Bourbon has an insert inside of the box which tells the story of Bulleit, offers advice from Tom Bulleit and also gives fans an opportunity to write him

Special thanks Adam Clary !


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3 Responses to “Bulleit 10 Bourbon Review”

  1. Alexandra

    Some of the smoothest and most satisfying whiskey I’ve ever tasted…way beyond its price-point! Bravo!

  2. Justin

    I had it last week. Front loaded smooth to the point of caramel. Chaptalize much? Long drawn out alc finish. It comes off artificial to me. The balance isn’t there for something aged 10 years. I’ll stick with my Russell’s Reserve 10 for about $10-15 less a bottle.

  3. Col JC Roberts

    Would love to try and buy some, so far unable to locate it in Houston, TX