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On ‘s facebook page, we’re asking a question that has sparked some conversation:

“What do YOU think is the most overrated whiskey or Bourbon?”

We invite YOU to tell us your answer on this link under comments below so we can continue the conversation here.

Your reasoning can be based on price, flavor, buzz around a brand that doesn’t deliver in the taste or any factor.

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9 Responses to “Overrated Whiskey or Bourbon?”

  1. Mac

    Crown Royal is by far the most over rated whiskey. It’s a fancy bottle in a purple velvet bag and that’s where it ends for me. The liquid itself is rough and lacks flavor.

  2. Clark Creasey

    Evan Williams falls short of my bourbon expectations. I have been drinking cheap bourbon and expensive bourbon for years but never tasted something as disappointing as Evan Williams.

  3. stephen Natoli

    Johnny Walker Blue Label. Over priced with aaverage flavor profile.

  4. Samantha

    Gentlemen Jack! If you are going to go high class, there’s so many better choices- this one is only popular because it has the money and the brand recognition behind it!

  5. BourbonExplorer

    I’d have to say Jack Daniels. I always here men talk about it like its the drink of real men,real whiskey drinkers. Honestly,anyone who says that doesn’t know what the f— they’re talking about. It’s so thin with hints of jetfuel that it’s a miracle it is mainstay of so many bars,stores and homes. It’s the Budweiser of whiskey.

  6. BourbonExplorer

    I think Jack Daniels needs to ditch JD & Gentlemen Jack and only make the single barrel offering. It’s the only decent one of the bunch.

  7. Jarrek Hartsell

    I’m going to agree with some of the other posters and say JD. However, if Pappy continues to rise in price it will be overrated too.

  8. Andy Carden

    Woodford Reserve by far. It’s just a great marketing plan but tastes like piss. Also Town Branch is awful as well. If both were under $20 I wouldn’t have an issue. Both brands are marketed as low end premium but they are not even close.

  9. Barlee

    I personally don’t know what piss tastes like, but after reading some of these ridiculous statements, I’m sure some here have. Why would someone purchase a bad tasting bourbon as long as it was a little cheaper? Obviously Woodford Reserve has no problem selling it’s brand.