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Firefly Moonshine

Our Wadlamaw Island friends Firefly Distillery co-founders Jim Irvin and Scott Newitt tell they are the launching of Firefly Moonshine this spring.

The moonshine will be distilled out of South Carolina pride, Firefly Moonshine is a raw southern spirit from the creators of the original Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka.

Firefly Moonshine is produced in six flavors: White Lightning, Apple Pie, Caramel, Cherry, Strawberry, and Peach. 

They are between 41.1 and 100.7 proof; 20.55% and 50.35% alcohol by volume. Each has a unique flavor that delivers on low country character yet packs a punch.

While some moonshines on the market have real fruit floating in them, they tell us Firefly Moonshine uses real fruit flavors.

Jim Irvin and Scott Newitt have been experimenting with lots of regional flavors ever since they built their first homemade still.

When Jim and Scott started building the Firefly Distillery, they made a crude still in Jim’s workshop. As Jim explains to, “We started with a 55 gallon stainless steel tank and some old pipes.”

Then we worked on many original recipes until we perfected the very first sweet tea vodka, Firefly. Since that time, we’ve cooked up many fine spirits and some really
good moonshine too!”

“When we first started making the Firefly Moonshine, we kept it to ourselves. It was a ‘distillery secret’ that only a few people knew about. But it tasted
so good our ‘Firefly insiders’ kept asking for it. So we decided it was time to share the good stuff and make it available across the U.S” Scotts explains to

Firefly Moonshine sales kicked off at
the Distillery Tasting Room in mid-February and it was introduced statewide later in the
month. At this time, it is on its way to licensed liquor distributors, retailers, bars and
restaurants nationwide.

Firefly Moonshine Flavors

Firefly Moonshine Flavors

Firefly Moonshine is easy to serve & drink.

Enjoy it straight out of the jar, in mixed drinks or make up a big batch of “DIY Firefly Punch.” This recipe makes 55 servings, 6 oz. drinks:

– 1 jar Firefly White Lightning Moonshine
– 2 jars of any flavor of Firefly Moonshine
– 2 gallons of your favorite juice(s)
– Fresh fruit


Mix in pitcher or tub

Firefly Distillery Scott Newiit Jim Irvin

Firefly Distillery co-founders, Jim Irvin (L) and Scott Newiit (R) introduce Firefly Moonshine.



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