Exclusive interview with TV personality Mike Rowe about his Mike Rowe Whiskey Knobel Tennessee Whiskey. Mike talks about mikeroweWORKS foundation, Dirty Jobs TV show, and Mike’s podcast The Way I Heard It, as Bourbon expert Tom Fischer interviews Rowe during a tasting and review of Knobel Whiskey.

Bourbon Classic 2023 Cocktail & Culinary Challenge Winners

2023 Winners of Bourbon Classic’s Cocktail & Culinary Challenge in Louisville, Kentucky, featuring best in Cocktails and Cuisine including distilleries, brands and talented chefs, and bartenders creating innovative pairings with Kentucky Proud ingredients.

Icons of Whisky America 2023 Whisky Magazine Awards Winners

Winners of best of American whiskey coverage of the Whisky Magazine Awards for Icons of Whisky America 2023. From top bourbon and rye brands to new releases and small-batch varieties, the ultimate resource for whiskey enthusiasts for these winners is here.

Alec Bradley Cigar Business to be Acquired by Scandinavian Tobacco Group

Scandinavian Tobacco Group has acquired Alec Bradley Cigars, known for premium cigars like Prensado and Tempus. This cigar news means that one of the world’s leading producers of cigars and tobacco now backs the brand, which sources leave from countries like Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic.

Actor Will Swenson of “A Beautiful Noise” the Neil Diamond Musical to Appear for Live Bourbon Tasting

Watch actor Will Swenson and Bourbon expert Tom Fischer in a live interview and whiskey tasting of Copper Fox Distillery whiskeys with a behind-the-scenes look at Will’s role as Neil Diamond in the hit Broadway musical “A Beautiful Noise.”

Bourbon Whiskey and Food Pairings For Super Bowl: Classic Dishes and Missouri and Pennsylvania Whiskey Paired

Perfect Bourbon and Food pairings for Super Bowl and foot game day party food and whiskey pairings with this whiskey guide featuring local Pennsylvania and Missouri craft distillery whiskeys. From toasted ravioli to scrapple pie and Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, learn how to pair iconic dishes with the perfect Bourbon and rye whiskeys from local distilleries.

Super Bowl LVII Cocktail Recipes For Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles Using Local Craft Whiskeys

Celebrate Super Bowl LVII with the best cocktail recipes! We’ve created new and exciting whiskey cocktails to honor both the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles fans using locally made bourbons and rye whiskeys from craft distilleries like Dad’s Hat Distillery and J. Rieger & Co. These new Super Bowl Football cocktail recipes feature indigenous ingredients from Missouri and Pennsylvania. Whether you’re a fan of bourbon whiskey or rye whiskey, these cocktails are sure to be a hit during the big game.

Cohiba Spectre 2022 Release, But Released in 2023: All About the Cigar

Cohiba debut the fourth expression of Cohiba Spectre 2022, they developed it lat year which is why it is named and branded with 2022 but it is being released in 2023. The perfect pairing with a Bourbon whiskey, and we talk with Sean Williams, national ambassador.

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Names Elizabeth Mccall The New Master Distiller, Chris Morris Becomes Master Distiller Emeritus

Louisville Kentucky: Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey names Elizabeth McCall the new Master Distiller, the third in the bourbon brand’s 26-year history, succeeding Chris Morris, who will assume the role of Master Distiller Emeritus. McCall, who has been training for the Master Distiller role for over a decade, will bring ew Woodford Reserve products to market.