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At, we enjoy musicals, especially those that feature alcohol. And the new musical Bourbon on Broadway like you’ve never seen before centers around the vibrant history and education of bourbon while delivering a unique twist of social justice.

We’ll feature the creator, producer, and composer of the musical Suzahn Fiering along with actors Megan Benjimin and DeShaun WIlliams on Thursday, May 25, 2023, on the link above as they share the story of how the musical was born and how it evolved.

This dynamic performance will make its debut on the iconic stage of New York City’s “Don’t Tell Mama” on West 46th Street.  The curtain is set to rise on June 3, 2023. The dates with links to tickets are below.

Sat June 3rd 8:00pm – doors open 7:15

Sat June 10th 6:00pm – doors open at 5:15

Sat June 17th 2:00pm.- doors open 1:15

Sat June 24th 8:00pm – doors open at 7:15

Bourbon on Broadway is not your typical history lesson. Rather, it is a satirical romp that, while taking creative liberties, presents a compelling and entertaining story.

Bourbon on Broadway is a cabaret-styled, one-hour, satirical romp about a group of early Americans who overcome adversity while inadvertently inventing Bourbon and become accidental pioneers on the road to social justice. The lively narrative unfolds through the character’s songs which each have a different style, nodding to great moments in musical theater and pop culture. Fiering has created four loveable characters; Elijah Craig, a white Northern Baptist abolitionist preacher; Frances Craig, a transplanted Connecticut housewife; William Craig, their enslaved person; and Cousin Cornelius Craig, a cross-dressing fashionista.

With a narrative that embraces a myriad of themes such as race, feminism, and social justice, the show unfolds through the lens of bourbon education and history.

Each character’s song reflects diverse musical styles, creating a lively tapestry of memorable moments in musical theatre and pop culture.

Fiering, an award-winning jazz guitarist, vocalist, and composer, continues to make her mark in the international music and entertainment scene. Her creations, including Bourbon on Broadway, carry a distinct and impactful message, setting the bar for meaningful and entertaining performances worldwide.

Tom Fischer of is the Bourbon expert for this new show and played an instrumental role in the early stages of Bourbon on Broadway, consulting on bourbon tasting and other essential elements of the musical. The team at is thrilled to support this extraordinary production and encourages you to spread the word.

Here is what others are saying…

“This project isn’t just about bourbon, although that’s fun! The characters are well-developed and carry the well-crafted songs through a range of musical styles that all encompass the American vernacular. And the underlying story delivers a message about love, acceptance, and courage. Suzahn Fiering is a masterful writer, composer and producer.”
Hannah Judson, Musefest

Suzahn‘s music is an elegant entrée into a romantic world of dazzling virtuosity; smoky-smooth vocals, impressive guitar work, masterful scatting, critically acclaimed originals, and unique interpretations of jazz classics… Suzahn delivers all this with tidbits of jazz history and clever wit.” Jazz Review Magazine.


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