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Cohiba Serie M Prominente Cigar

The premium cigar world is set to experience another significant breakthrough as Cohiba collaborates with family-owned El Titan de Bronze Cigar Factory in Miami, Florida, with a new cigar size announcement for their exclusive 2023 Cohiba Serie M collection.

Unlike previous Serie M releases, this marks the first time Cohiba has released a Serie M in prominente cigar size for 2023. Serie M is the only Cohiba cigar handcrafted in the U.S.A. being made by top Cuban expatriate cigarmakers of the El Titán de Bronze Cigar Factory in Miami’s Little Havana district.

Only 4,000 boxes made of the Cohiba Serie M Prominente (7” x 50) are available now at $29.99 per cigar or $299.90 for a box of ten cigars.

My full review follows below…

Live Review and Interview with Sean Williams

To highlight this landmark release, Cohiba Cigars Ambassador Sean Williams will join me to host an engaging live review and interview scheduled for this Thursday night, June 15, at 8 pm ET viewable on this link for YouTube,  Facebook here, and above.

We will talk about Serie M 2023 and other cigar releases as well as suggestions to pair and other cigar updates.

About the Cohiba Serie M 2023 Release

The Cohiba Serie M prominente cigar release presents a unique craftsmanship, courtesy of the Cuban expatriate cigarmakers at El Titán de Bronze Cigar Factory in Miami’s Little Havana district.

They’ve woven together old-world techniques with a double binder, closed foot, and triple cap complete with a signature fan.

The outcome is a medium-to-full-bodied cigar filled with depth and character.

WRAPPER: The cigar holds a majestic Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper, the only Cohiba to boast such distinction.

BINDER: Nicaraguan binder

FILLER: filler contains a careful selection of Dominican Piloto Cubano and Nicaraguan Jalapa and Estelí tobaccos.

My Review of Cohiba Serie M 3.0

The Cohiba Serie M unfurls a unique blend that cigar fans will find deeply satisfying the prominente size.

The tasting experience reminds me of savoring a robust espresso, nuanced with a blend of creamy almond, hazelnut, and a hint of cocoa. This enticing base is enlivened by a subtle note of white pepper, earthy cedar undertones, and a delicate whisper of lemon citrus. It concludes with a caramel sweetness, the perfect encore of the intricate, harmonious melody of flavors.

Why does the Serie M pair so well with bourbons and whiskeys? Think of it as a meal: just as the flavors in a well-composed dish complement each other, the Serie M’s creamy, earthy flavors dovetail nicely with the full-bodied, oak-inspired flavors of Bourbons and whiskeys.

This year’s Serie M, with its novel size, offers an enticing interplay of flavors that captivates the senses. As the cigar burns, each element – the creamy, the earthy, the sweet – blends beautifully, creating a sophisticated-tasting symphony.

This unique orchestration of flavors forms a seamless unity with the robust, oak-infused character of bourbons and whiskeys, stimulating the palate and creating a delightful resonance that is both engaging and exhilarating.

Long-time Serie M fans will undoubtedly enjoy this enhanced flavor journey that makes this year’s release a must-try.

A Final Note

Stepping into its third year, Cohiba Serie M, with its blend of exceptional cigar-making techniques, continues to charm the premium cigar category.

Sean Williams, brand ambassador for Cohiba tells us, “Now entering its third year, Cohiba Serie M continues to captivate the premium cigar category. This brand has all the makings of a connoisseur’s cigar: it harnesses the collective blending expertise of El Titán de Bronze with the mastery of the Cohiba team and encapsulates some of the finest cigar-making techniques in one cigar. Together with Sandy Cobas, we’re proud to release the blend in a new size, giving cigar connoisseurs another opportunity to experience the artistry of Cohiba Serie M.”



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