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Rock legend, Sir Rod Stewart, hits a high note with his venture into the spirits industry. His new Wolfie’s Blended Scotch Whisky, a harmonious blend of grain and malt whiskies, is set to launch in the USA this August 2023.

Rod Steward and Wolfie’s Whisky team tell it will be coinciding with the start of his North American tour on August 1st, the whisky, available for pre-order for $44.99 starting July 31.

Rod Stewart’s Wolfie’s Whisky draws inspiration from the artist’s early rebellious phase with the band Faces. The whisky is a nod to Stewart’s Scottish heritage and image, encapsulating his moniker as ‘the Cockney Scotsman.”

Wolfies Scotch Whiskey Rod Stewart

Production Process

Wolfie’s Whisky is a meticulously handcrafted blend of malted barley and unmalted cereals. Distilled, aged ad blended in small batches at Loch Lomond Distillery, this single malt scotch whisky is double-distilled in copper stills, imparting a distinctive boldness.

The grain whisky uses continuous column stills of stainless steel with copper elements. The coopers select the finest American oak bourbon casks to age the liquid slowly, allowing all the flavors to mature. Before filling, the coopers char each cask to release wood compounds that impart flavor and color to the maturing spirit.

The bottom of the Scotch bottle embodies Rod Stewart’s Scottish heritage, featuring lyrics ‘Rhythm of My Heart’ from his 1991 album, Vagabond Heart, which was inspired by the Scottish folk song titled “Loch Lomond.”


Wolfie’s Scotch Whisky Flavor Profile

The brand tells us the smooth final blend of Wolfie’s is lightly peated with flavors of warming cinnamon, fresh vanilla, and baked apple.

Accompanied by delicate notes of sweet peat and pears in syrup, it concludes with candied citrus peels and a gentle oak spice.

How to Get a Bottle of Wolfie’s Scotch

While Wolfie’s just launched in June 2023  in the European Market with robust sales across the UK, Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland, it is now available for pre-order at

Each purchase includes an exclusive pack of 10 coasters.


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