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Our readers at have shown immense interest in Mellencamp Whiskey Co.’s new Harvest Sweet Mash Rye that we reported on earlier this week on this link.

So first off, thank you for that! And to address your questions, our own Bourbon Expert Tom Fischer today interviewed Hard Truth Distilling Co’s Master Distiller Bryan Smith.

Hard Truth is a brand that often graces our Bourbon tastings, which we organize nationwide, accommodating everything from intimate gatherings to Food & Wine + whiskey festivals.

If you have more questions about this whiskey, ask them in the comments below – we like hearing from y’all and will work to get those answered!

We’ll be bringing you more insights about the release soon. Visit to learn more about the distillery, this release, and other upcoming releases.

Interview with Master Distiller Bryan Smith

Fischer: Can please you tell us more about the mash bill of the soon-to-be-released Harvest Sweet Mash Rye and what it is its age?

Smith: The Harvest Rye is 3 years old. The mash bill is 72% rye / 28% corn 100% grown by our 2 Indiana farmer partners and mashed, fermented, distilled, aged and bottled right here on our distillery grounds.

Fischer: Tell us about the Indiana farms these grains came from?

Smith: They came from Doug Miller family farms in both Brown County and Rush County for the corn.

Duane Kuhlenschmidt for the Rye grown in Mt Vernon, Indiana.

Fischer: What was the process like selecting the whiskeys with Hud and Levi?

Smith: It was exciting. We tasted through every barrel as a group each gave our thoughts and collaborated on the final blend.

Fischer: As you look forward to future releases with Mellencamp Whiskey Company, what do you hope these releases wiill showcase?

Smith: This is the first of four releases of our collaboration with Mellencamp Whiskey Co. company. They will be in Fall 2023, Spring 2023, Fall 2024, and Spring 2025. Each release will be a unique expression of whiskey featuring a new painting from John Mellencamp as the background art for the label.

Fischer: Anything else you would like to share?

This will whiskey is a celebration of the launch of our grounded in truth campaign, and our commitment to not only our farming partners but other family farmers here in the Midwest.

This collaboration helps to connect the legacy of the Mellencamp name as it relates to the founding of Farm Aid with our grounded in truth campaign, as well as both Mellencamp Whiskey Co. company and Hard Truth Distilling Co.‘s commitment to creating and releasing delicious and unique whiskey expressions.

Photos courtesy: Hard Truth Distilling Co. Top Photo left to right: Levi Collison (Mellencamp Whiskey Co.), Bryan Smith (Hard Truth Master Distiller and Co Partner) and Hud Mellencamp (Mellencamp Whiskey Co.).


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