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As a follow-up to our earlier breaking story and interview, a notable turn of events has happened at the Glenmore Distillery in Owensboro, Kentucky.

An incident that was initially reported to the police as bourbon theft on November 10th, 2023, has been resolved with a surprising outcome.

In the world of Bourbon, there is a saying that “good things come to those who wait,” much like the perfection found in a well-aged glass of Bourbon. In this case, what was thought to be the  “stolen Bourbon whiskey” itself took this adage quite literally, embarking on an unexpected detour of its own.

The story began when Glenmore Distillery reported the disappearance of 21 pallets of Bourbon valued at around $70,000. This incident quickly garnered national attention due to its potential magnitude and the parallels to “Pappygate.”

This evening, the Owensboro Police Department tells Bourbon expert Tom Fischer in the new podcast interview below (also on link) that the investigation into what was first presumed to be a theft has now been resolved as a “misrouting issue.”

Officer Evans explains to Fischer that the Bourbon was not stolen but had been misrouted. Evans says that the initial filing of the theft report was a procedural necessity to begin the investigation and uncover the information.

The investigation eventually confirmed that the incident was more of a logistical error rather than a criminal act. The brand(s) of Bourbon and individual(s) involved have not been reported on and may never be.

The parties are all working together to get the Bourbon safely returned to the distillery and the investigation concluded. It remains unknown and unconfirmed whether the bourbon will be sold or used commercially.

Owensboro Police Department confirms that no criminal charges would be filed.

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