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Peerless Toasted Bourbon Whiskey will be released at Kentucky Peerless on Saturday, March 16, 2024, and will also have a small release throughout Kentucky. Full details of the release are below.

Watch the video above as Bourbon expert Tom Fischer tastes the new release while spending time with John Wadell and Nick Klee of Peerless.

Initially, the Toasted Peerless Bourbon is matured in their traditional char level 3 barrels for up to 8 years, which imparts rich flavors of caramel, deep sugar, and toffee. Following this initial aging phase, the whiskey is transferred to a second barrel that has been gently toasted.

Toasted Peerless Bourbon WhiskeyThis barrel is toasted with less intensity over a longer duration and adds more complexity. Aside from the toasting release, Peerless has always pointed to the magic of their standard aging barrels from Kelvin Cooperage being toasted before being charred.

“We hand-select each barrel for the finishing process. We chose to use a medium toast because it contains less tannins which results in a more aromatic whiskey with warm, sweet, savory character and strong vanilla overtones,” explains Peerless Head Taster John Wadell.

Peerless Toasted Bourbon Whiskey Batch #1 Review and Tasting Notes:


Nose of cherry pipe tobacco and a hint of pure vanilla. Aerated and silky mouthfeel with notes of crème brûlée and milk chocolate with a slightly buttery taste. Finish of a smoldering campfire and lightly burnt toffee.

It drinks older than 8 years and is a refined dichotomy, balancing approachability with complexity, with flavor far different (in a welcomed way) from any other Peerless we’ve ever reviewed.

Peerless Toasted Bourbon Whiskey Batch #1 Overview

Primary Barrel Age: 7 to 8 years +.

Finishing Period: Unspecified, but in a toasted barrel from Kelvin Cooperage.

Proof: 111 proof

How To Get a Bottle:

Batch 1 of Peerless Toasted Bourbon will be released on Saturday, March 16, 2024, at 10:00 am at the Peerless Distillery.

The first 100 bottles sold on the 16th will include a specially numbered label. Bottle signings will take place at the distillery from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. There is a two-bottle purchase limit per person, available while supplies last.

Stave and Bean will be setting up shop outside of the distillery for exceptional refreshments while you wait. Full details on their Facebook Event page here.

Toasted Kentucky Peerless Bourbon Whiskey

Peerless bottle image at bottom courtesy John Wadell


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