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Total Eclipse Bourbon Whiskey
On April 8, 2024, as the total solar eclipse casts its shadow across the continental U.S., Casey Jones Distillery in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, is marking the occasion with a unique offering for whiskey lovers and stargazers alike.

Casey Jones tells are releasing their Total Eclipse Kentucky Straight Bourbon at $49.99 for a 750ml bottle, alongside the re-introduction of the Total Eclipse Moonshine, priced at $29.99 for a 750ml bottle.

These spirits are crafted to complement the rare celestial event, blending the distillery’s heritage with the excitement of the eclipse. They’re available online at with select retail availability for the Bourbon in KY AND Moonshine in CA, GA, KY, IL, OK, TN, TX, NY, NJ, and WI.

About the Bourbon and the Moonshine

The Total Eclipse Kentucky Straight Bourbon, bottled at 100-proof and aged for two years, is a blend of corn, wheat, rye, and barley. This composition ensures a well-rounded flavor profile. Master Distiller AJ Jones, who hails from a lineage of distillers and bootleggers, oversees the production, distilling the whiskey in small batches. This process allows for a refined taste, with notes of baking spice and butterscotch on the nose, and flavors of orange zest and toasted oak, ending with a pecan finish.

The Total Eclipse Moonshine offers an experience designed for sipping or as a base for cocktails like the “Moonarita,” a unique take on the classic Margarita. Named the “Official Spirits of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse” by Senator Whitney Westerfield it was inspired by a Prohibition-era family recipe distilled from equal parts corn and cane.
Casey Jones Bourbon Whiskey Moonshine

Join the Celebration

Looking back to the 2017 total solar eclipse, Casey Jones Distillery was at the heart of the total solar eclipse, as it was positioned within the optimal viewing path of this cosmic phenomenon. That weekend, the distillery hosted a remarkable 12,000 astronomy buffs, and sold out of its initial run of 50,000 bottles of Total Eclipse Moonshine

This year, they tell they are inviting everyone to Hopkinsville for an intimate celebration on April 8. The event promises a mix of good spirits, signature cocktails, and the warmth of Kentucky hospitality.

This April, whether you’re an astronomy enthusiast, a whiskey aficionado, or someone who appreciates the convergence of significant events and fine spirits, let’s raise a glass to the eclipse and the extraordinary experience and the Casey Jones Distillery

Casey Jones Total Eclipse Bourbon WHiskey

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