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Watch Bourbon expert Tom Fischer’s exclusive interview above with Mellencamp Whiskey Company founders Hud Mellencamp, Levi Collison, and Hard Truth Head Distiller Bryan Smith.

They share their story on the whiskey along with letting us be first to taste the Farmer’s Reserve release.

For more about the Mellencamp Whiskey Company and Hard Truth partnership, a full review it, and how to get a bottle at Hard Truth’s upcoming Total Eclipse Weekend, keep reading – as you sip, of course!

Mellecamp Whiskey and Hard Truth Indiana


Mellencamp Whiskey Farmer’s Whiskey Review and Tasting Notes from Tom Fischer

Mellencamp Whiskey Farmers Reserve review

The Mellencamp Farmer’s Reserve Whiskey masterfully merges the essence of contrasting seasons, blending the cozy, spice-laden warmth of winter with the vibrant, lush atmosphere of tropical summer.

It captures the comforting, festived notes alongside the exotic, spirited essence of a tropical escape.

The foundation of the Hard Truth’s Chocolate Malt Rye and Sweet Mash Bourbon, making it a ‘blend of straight whiskeys,’ aged for at least two years. However, this release tastes like it could be far older. 

This whiskey is one of the finest Amburana-aged expressions we’ve reviewed and tasted at, with its rich interplay of milk and dark chocolate against cinnamon and coconut notes, offering a surprisingly smooth experience at 106 proof.

Vanilla and toasted coconut hints evoke a Mounds Bar nots.

The layers present a deep expression of grains of the two whiskeys, still discernible through the Amburana wood influence, perfectly balanced with a finish where the spicy, aromatic essence of Amburana shines through.

Mellencamp Whiskey company review

Launch Day Highlights

On Saturday, April 6, 2024, the Hard Truth Distillery will unveil the Mellencamp Farmer’s Reserve Whiskey during the Total Eclipse weekend.

During this event, you can”Meet the Makers” with meet-and-greet and bottle signing with Mellencamp, Levi Collison, and Bryan Smith, and get their bottles signed.

The weekend will also offer music performances and whiskey tastings, providing a way to celebrate the lead-up to the eclipse viewing party.

Hard Truth Total Eclipse Weekend

Total Eclipse Weekend and Experience the Distillery

Through the weekend, guests can enjoy tours, live music, and whiskey tastings, culminating in a special eclipse viewing package on Monday.

This event is a perfect blend of community, craftsmanship, and celebration.

For more information visit this link.

Mellencamp Bourbon whiskey



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