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Green River Full Proof Release

This is a win for bourbon enthusiasts: a barrel-strength Kentucky bourbon at $49.99! Yes, we’ve tasted it at, and we knowit will continue to find its way into the bars of many fans as Green River Distilling Co. expands its reach. Keep reading for our review below along with updates on their expansion to new markets.

Green River Distilling Co. of Owensboro, Kentucky, is releasing Green River Full Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, expanding their portfolio this summer. Also known for their Single Barrel Full Proof offering, this Full Proof Bourbon is a new release and blend of 5 to 7-year-old bourbons.

This bourbon takes the brand’s flagship bourbon and presents it with full-bodied, full-proof flavor. Presented at a variable batch-proof, the initial batch is bottled at 117.3 proof (58.65% ABV).

It will be available for an extremely fair price of $49.99.

Full Proof joins Green River’s portfolio including Bourbon, Wheated Bourbon, and Rye Whiskeys.

Green River Full Proof Bourbon at a Glance:

Barrel Proof Green River Bourbon Whiskey

Age:  A blend of five to seven-year barrels selected from curated areas of Green River’s Owensboro warehouses.

Mash bill: The same as Green River Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

70% Corn

21% Rye

9% Malted Barley

Proof: Variable, the initial batch is 117.3 proof / 58.6 ABV

MSRP: $49.99

Green River Full Proof Bourbon Review

As mentioned, we’ve tasted it at

The flavor and proof you’ll get for this price point are impressive: serious caramels, chocolate raspberry truffles, warming spice, and vanilla. Layers of toasted oak, and tobacco complement the lingering, rich mouthfeel.

When proofed down, it reveals herbal tones and a hint of peppermint.

Additionally, there are touches of cappuccino foam with cinnamon, adding another element of complexity.

It drinks slightly older than the 5 to 7-year-old Bourbons that are within.

Launch Celebration and More

Previously, full proof single barrels were only available for purchase by the barrel. Green River Distilling Co., located in Owensboro, Kentucky, will mark the launch with a special celebration on June 7, 2024, with bottle sales beginning at 9 a.m.

Two specialty VIP tours (3 and 5 p.m.), led by Head Distiller Aaron Harris and National Brand Ambassador Caryn Wells, will give guests a behind-the-scenes look at Rickhouse B, a barrel strength experience.

Visit to book tours.

Green River Distilling Owensboro Tour

Green River’s Legacy and Expansion to New Markets

Green River Distilling Co., known as “the Whiskey Without Regrets,” honors its rich history dating back to 1885. As the 10th oldest licensed distillery in Kentucky (DSP-KY-10), it was reintroduced in 2022 and is proudly located in Owensboro, Kentucky. The distillery was purchased by Bardstown Bourbon Company in July 2022.

Last year, Green River launched its Wheated and Full Proof Single Barrel bourbons, expanding within the U.S. and exporting to Australia.

In 2024, Green River will be available in eight new markets: Nevada, Arizona, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Washington, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Massachusetts.

The brand tells us aiming for nationwide U.S. distribution in the coming years.

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Green River The Whiskey Without Regrets

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