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Knob Creek 10 Year Old Rye Whiskey

Knob Creek tells us that it will add Knob Creek 10 Year Old Rye Whiskey as a permanent expression to their portfolio this month.

is crafted in a pre-Prohibition style and aged for a decade in deeply charred barrels. The new rye whiskey promises a full-bodied experience, demonstrating Knob Creek’s dedication to craftsmanship and expanding its rye offerings.

Details of the Release

The Knob Creek 10-Year-Old Rye Whiskey will be available nationwide with a suggested retail price of $69.99 for a 750mL bottle.

They tell us this whiskey boasts a bold and complex flavor profile, including rich caramel, creamy vanilla, robust oak, and char notes from its extended aging period. Details shared from the brand below.

  • Proof: 100
  • Color: Tawny with waves of copper
  • Aroma: Rich caramel and vanilla, deep rye spice, and dried apple
  • Taste: Black peppercorn, creamy vanilla and caramel, with hints of deep oak and char
  • Finish: Smooth, lingering notes of baking spice

Freddie Noe, the Eighth Generation Master Distiller, tells, “When my grandfather created Knob Creek over 30 years ago, he set out with the intention to craft a premium whiskey without shortcuts, and we’re excited to continue his legacy – I know he’d love it, just like our fans will.”

Booker Noe Barrel Jim Beam

A Deeper Look was first to report on the inaugural launch of Knob Creek Straight Rye Whiskey in 2012.

Since then, Knob Creek has been at the forefront of the rye category. The new 10-Year-Old Rye Whiskey captures the essence of Knob Creek’s traditional rye while delivering deeper notes due to its extended aging process. This release underscores Knob Creek’s commitment to providing whiskey enthusiasts with rich, full-flavored options.

For our original review from 2012, visit this link.


Knob Creek Rye Whiskey 10 Years old

The History of Knob Creek

For three decades, Knob Creek has set the standard for super-premium whiskey, crafting extraordinary bourbon and rye with rich tastes.

The brand is known for its patient aging process in new, maximum charred American Oak barrels, staying true to the pre-prohibition style established by its founding distiller, Booker Noe.

Over the years, Knob Creek has expanded its offerings to include the 12 Year Old Bourbon, 15 Year Old Bourbon, and 18 Year Old Bourbon, alongside their flagship 7 Year Old Rye Whiskey.

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