The Bourbon Chase is a 200-mile overnight relay race where thousands of runners journey across the Bluegrass State – through historic Kentucky Bourbon Trail distilleries, across our majestic horse country, and into enchanting small towns. Check out these charities that Bourbon Chase gives a portion of their proceeds to: American Lung Association, National Hospice Foundation… Read more »

Jim Beam Bourbon Begins the Race! at the Jim Beam Distillery in Clermont, Kentucky where we begin the The Bourbon Chase 2010 in Bullitt County, Kentucky.

Woodford Reserve and The Bourbon Chase 2010

The Bourbon Chase runs through picturesque Woodford County Kentucky and the Woodford Reserve Distillery becomes a major hub of excitement on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail with as the thousands of runners near the finish line.

Wild Turkey Bourbon and The Bourbon Chase 2010

The Bourbon Chase Runners race through Wild Turkey in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. Many of the teams camp out at “Camp Wild Turkey” overnight to begin Day 2 of the overnight relay run through The Kentucky Bourbon Trail and Anderson County, Kentucky. ×

Four Roses Distillery, The Bourbon Chase 2010 arrives to Four Roses Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky during Bourbon Chase and learns that the runners came through Anderson County much earlier than predicted and outran us in the overnight relay race along The Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Special thanks: Patty Holland, Karen Kushner, Dan Gardner and Jill Pendygraft.

From Perryville to Danville, Overnight on The Bourbon Chase

Runners in The Bourbon Chase run from Perryville to Danville, Kentucky as overnight portion of this relay race is in full swing. The towns fill with spectators and the energy  around the race heightens as they run along The Kentucky Bourbon Trail. stops at The Hub Coffee House & Cafe in Danville to recharge… Read more »

Maker’s Mark and Running joins thousands of runners at Maker’s Mark Bourbon Distillery just outside of Lebanon, KY during The Bourbon Chase 2010. Interview with Eric Gregory, President of Kentucky Distillers’ Association & Rob Samuels Kevin Smith of Maker’s Mark. ×

Don’t Stop Running For Bourbon! The Bourbon Chase Mashup

200 miles sounds like a long run through The Kentucky Bourbon Trail and surrounding towns, but with around 2,000 runners in the overnight relay race The Bourbon Chase, Bourbon is awaiting at the finish line. Keep watching for more on ×

The Bourbon Chase Runs Through Bardstown, Bourbon Capital of the World runs with The Bourbon Chase as the runners race through Bardstown, the Bourbon Capital of the World.Heaven Hill Distilleries in Bardstown is an exchange point along this 200-mile route along The Kentucky Bourbon Trail. ×

The Bourbon Chase 2010 kicks off in Lexington, Kentucky‘s coverage of The Bourbon Chase 2010 begins in the host city Lexington, Kentucky with a pre-party at Buster’s Billiards and Backroom on the eve of the race. Be watching for continuing coverage of the race as The Bourbon Chase begins today! Special thanks tonight to The Bourbon Chase, Kentucky Distillers’ Association, Lexington Convention and… Read more »