Kick off September and “Bourbon Heritage Month” in the Bluegrass with a Labor Day holiday visit to one of the Commonwealth’s signature Bourbon distilleries. “We’re extremely proud of the hard-working men and women who have crafted the world’s finest Bourbons for generations,” Eric Gregory, president of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association tells “We can’t think… Read more »

DeGroff Delight

DeGroff Delight, by Dale DeDeGroff Ingredients: Chopped Peaches (about three chunks) 2 slices of lemon fresh mint dash of simple syrup 1 and 1/4 oz. Maker’s Mark Bourbon Instructions: Shake very hard. Pour over ice in a rocks glass and garnish with a sprig of mint. This recipe was originally created to celebrated Maker’s Mark’s… Read more »

The Smoked Vessel

Glass, while appearing to be smooth and impermeable, has microscopic valleys that can be used to hold flavoring elements. Bartenders regularly use this concept, washing with Absinthe, Vermouth or other spirits. This technique holds smoke, affecting the nose of the cocktail. Mis-en-place: ¼ lb Smoking wood of choice, in a heat-resistant plate. Brulee torch Cocktail… Read more »

“Big Red” Onions Recipe

Kentuckians like Texans and vice versa. Perhaps it’s because we gave them Daniel Boone at the Alamo, or that they gave us chili (the average Kentuckian’s favorite [it’s not Kentucky burgoo] meal.) I’d honestly bet that it’s because we share the same soda- Big Red. This stuff has traditionally been released to select states, yet… Read more »

First Lady Jane Beshear unveils new highway signs to mark ‘Kentucky Bourbon Trail’ and delivers Governor’s proclamation of ‘Bourbon Heritage Month’

First Lady Jane Beshear today unveiled the first of a series of brown highway signs that will direct visitors along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail to the famed distillers of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association. “Today we celebrate a signature industry that has helped define Kentucky’s unique heritage for more than 200 years,” Mrs. Beshear said during… Read more »

Blueberry/Coca-Cola Infusion

The syrup mentioned in‘s article and creation “Maker’s and Coke, Reengineered” can also be used in a tertiary, or balancing approach. This simple infusion recipe brings a balance to the infusion that is ‘good out of the bottle.’ Shaken, served up. Pretty garnish. Done. For the syrup: 1 part Coca-cola 1 part Sugar Bring… Read more »

Bols Genever Launches at the Holland House in Nashville

Bols Genever just celebrated a launch party in Nashville at the Holland House. Dutch Owner Cees and his business partner Terrell welcomed the the Lucas Bols USA team as well as 75 revelers with classic cocktails and Dutch fare. Following are the cocktail recipes that were served at the event. In 1664, Luca Bols started… Read more »

Maker’s and Coke Reengineered

When the staff at first tasted the new Maker’s 46, our heads were awash with ideas for using the newest member of the bourbon family. We finally settled on this recipe as the most appropriate first. The Maker’s and Coke is most likely the single most enjoyed drink in Kentucky. To take the commonplace,… Read more »

Tales of the Cocktail Bar Towel Raises $7,500 For Oyster Shuckers

In an effort to support a seafood industry that plays such a large role in the culinary traditions of New Orleans, The New Orleans Culinary and Cultural Preservation Society (NOCCPS) sold a limited edition bar towel during Tales of the Cocktail. During the festival and in the weeks following, towel sales have raised $7,500 for… Read more »

Four Roses Distillery Day in Honor of 100th Distillery Anniversary declared by Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear

Four Roses Bourbon tells that Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear has declared tomorrow as “Four Roses Distillery Day.” This is in honor of the 100th  Anniversary of the distillery. We congratulate Four Roses on this honor and join with them in celebrating 100 years. Four Roses also released a Limited Edition Single Barrel this past spring… Read more »