Great Steamboat Race 2011 with Four Roses Bourbon as Belle of Louisville wins!

Tonight joined Four Roses on the Belle of Louisville for the Great Steamboat Race 2011, a tradition that dates back to 1963. We rode the Belle of Louisville to a victory against the Belle of Cincinnati (Be watching here on for the complete video segment coming soon!) Thus, drinking Four Roses leads to a smooth… Read more »

Kentucky Derby Day

× 137 of them. During Kentucky Derby week this refers to: A. Mint Juleps consumed this week; B. Celebrities in sight; or C. Times the Kentucky Derby has been held. As you await for the “all the above” option, here is a brief recap of‘s fourth annual extensive Kentucky Derby Coverage of stories and… Read more »

Great Steamboat Race in Louisville, still tickets left!

The Kentucky Derby Festival’s annual Great Steamboat Race with Four Roses Bourbon was scheduled to be held during Kentucky Derby 2011, but due to high water is being rescheduled for this Wednesday, June 29, 2011. Tickets are still available for purchase, call direct at 1-866-636-0068. Ride the Belle of Louisville cost $130 and include food… Read more »

Sub Rosa Vodka Review

CLICK TO PLAY: Have you tasted some flavored vodkas from the sweet and cheap to the wickedly expensive only to be left wondering what the point was? Whether you like vodka or not, prepare for to ingenuity in a bottle of which most any foodie, spirits lover or cocktalian would find something appealing. first… Read more »

Nose Taste Finish with Four Roses Bourbon

× Four Roses Master Distiller Jim Rutledge is a man that knows his Bourbon whiskey. As one of the most well-respected gentlemen in the Bourbon world, he makes amazing Bourbon and possesses the words to educate and entertain crowds of Bourbon lovers. What will happen will‘s Tom Fischer limits Jim to only 3 words… Read more »

Bourbon Bacon Brownies

Sometimes at, recipe creations catch our eyes, tastebuds and hearts simultaneously. Made with dark chocolate, crumbled bacon and a splash of bourbon, these Bourbon Bacon Brownies mean business. They render such a strong medley of flavors in your mouth, you’ll wonder if you’re eating a brownie, a handful of bacon or a shot of… Read more »

1792 Ridgemont Reserve Bourbon Review

Named after the year Kentucky officially became a state, 1792 is the official toasting Bourbon of the Kentucky Bourbon Festival. A unique mash bill with stronger rye content delivers a distinct and recognizable, delicious flavor to 1792 Ridgemont Reserve. Thus, here is‘s review of 1792 Bourbon.. 1792 Ridgemont Reserve Bourbon Review Bourbon: 1792 Ridgemont Reserve Bourbon Distillery: Barton… Read more »

Chocolate Raspberry Stout

If you’re a fan of Louisville’s Bluegrass Brewing Company’s Bourbon Barrel Stout like we are, check out the bottom of the newly redesigned 4 packs and you’ll find our logo Thanks BBC. We like having friends in “beer” places especially when the brew is this tasty. While we recommend Bourbon Barrel Stout cold and on… Read more »

Russian Standard Original Vodka Review

Our review of Russian Standard Original Vodka below and watch interview Dennis Rodman at a Russian Standard Vodka party, he seems to like it. Vodka: Russian Standard Original Vodka Distillery: Russian Standard Distillery, St. Petersburg, Russia Proof: 80; approximately 40% ABV Notes: The bottle design is nspired by the Ivan the Great Bell Tower… Read more »