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Tim Smith, Moonshiner and star and lead character of Moonshiners, Discovery Channel TV Show

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Moonshiner Tim Smith interviewed by‘s Tom Fischer who takes us behind the scenes of the Discovery Channel show Moonshiners, listen this a podcast radio interview above.

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We bring you this first interview of it’s kind with Tim Smith the week of the premiere of Moonshiners, which had 1.73 million viewers for the first episode, 3.2 million viewers for the 2nd episode. Additionally, the 2nd run of the first episode this past week drew another 2.2 million viewers!

For those of you who have been asking, “Is this show real? Are they really moonshining on Moonshiners and why aren’t they getting arrested?” we have a bit more insight for you from this interview.

How do you make moonshine? Tim Smith Moonshiners

In this interview, Tim also discusses the history of moonshine, why it is becoming a lost art, and shares his wisdom and stories.

Other real life characters in this reality type show include ABC law enforcement agent Jesse Tate and Tim’s team of “Tickle” and his son J.T.

At, we are curious who YOU are rooting for and what do you think of the show? Post your reply in comments below.

Tim tells us he was working on the idea for this show for a long time. He also credits the birth of the show from others he met “at the right place at the right time.”

The last part of the inspiration for making this a show came when his father passed away. And around the same time moonshiners Barney Barnwell and Popcorn Sutton passed away.

Tim then believed this was his time to transition from being a moonshiner to legal moonshiners and distiller.

With this the new spotlight, and the goal of owning his own legal distillery and/or his own brand of moonshine, Tim invites you to visit his website .

We congratulate Tim, the complete cast, creators and producers on the success this new show. And Tim, we’ll look forward to tasting your moonshine!

In this interview, Tim Smith talks about his son J.T. and Tickle who also star on the show Moonshiners, Discovery Channel

In this interview, Tim Smith talks about his son J.T. and Tickle who also star on the show Moonshiners, Discovery Channel

Good guy or bad guy? You tell us. ABC Agent Jesse Tate is hunting the Moonshiners on the Discovery reality show Moonshiners

Good guy or bad guy? You tell us. ABC Agent Jesse Tate is hunting the Moonshiners on the Discovery reality show Moonshiners

Discovery Channel Tim Smith Star Character Moonshiners


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60 Responses to “Tim Smith from Moonshiners, Discovery Channel interviewed by”

  1. JoMO

    Well I have seen every show. I think it is not fake. Jesse is dumb and I am for the moonshiners Tim and Tickle. I hope Tim goes leagal and would love to taste his shine. But in the end no one knows what he will do for sure and thats the mystery. I do hope there will be another season cause I would really like to see and learn more. I find it interesting and the history is mind blowing to those who have never herd or seen it. Thanks Tim for giving us all some knowledge.

  2. jimbo

    Virginia ABC made a public statement thatthey knewabout the show and would not have participated if liquer was being made. I’m sure its a fake other than ABC busts. Still fun to watch. Informative in an entertaining way. I agree its a tool for tim to make $$$. Good luck

  3. Texas Girl

    Show is fun! Love those country people! Tickle is likable. They are making a living doing what they believe in and enjoy doing. Beats the heck out of all the unhappy people stuck in offices just to pay the mortgage on their quarter million dollar homes!

  4. Bizzerk

    Stumbled across this site, so I’m a bit late to the party. While the premise may be “real” the show is undoubtedly staged. I got a chuckle last night watching Tickle dig a “well” ( big hole) by hand…. while there was a backhoe in the background of the camera shot. When Tickle took Tim back to their old still site where nobody had been since they left, there was a shiny black truck in the background opposite of where they supposedly hiked in. There are at least 5 examples an episode as to why its obvious the show is staged. Entertaining, yes… Real, he’ll no.

  5. Pyro

    Im rooting to Tim to go legal, I would walk across the country to get my hands on a batch of his shine.

  6. andrah

    Ok, I dig the show, its entertainment. But all the speculation of if its real or fake is not really worth getting a headache over. I mean, guys and gals, its only tv, its an example of how they would do it. They are all real moonshiners, they just are doing the show for entertainment purposes. All the ol timers like popcorn, Jim Tom, etc (actually they are all kinda old, except tickle and j.t.) are obviously real moonshiners, they’ve made it many times and more. As far as the debaters and nay sayers, well, that is your opinion and you’re entitled to it. But those of you who are scratching your head, asking “why is it like that?”, It’s TV! It is being made for us to watch, not debate like some asshole in the Senate. Now, for me to single someone out, Rick Duff said, “I don’t like that these “moonshiners” are doing it for the money. If they were after it for tradition they’d use small stills like they did in the 1800′s.. and make it for just family and friends” I’m pretty sure back in the 1800’s and 1900’s they were doing it to pay for food and clothes for their families, just like what they’re doing today, that’s the tradition, they weren’t goin around makin moonshine just for themselves, it was for sale. Prohibition, ya know? Was why moonshinning took off. People wanted booze and they hill children gave it to them.

  7. Big Al

    I need to get in contact with Tickle. It has to do with the appearance Tim and Tickle made in Pekin Indiana at the Pop a Top Bar. It is very important that I get in toutch with Tickle!
    Thanks, Big Al

  8. jerry drumm

    how much money do the stars of the tv program moonshiners make per episode?

  9. Shoshie

    I love this show Moonshiners & for Christmas my daughter gave me a bottle of Popcorn Sutton Moonshine. Someone in Tennessee is making this legal & this is the smoothest taste liquor I have ever tasted. I love watching Tim & I sure do hope he will be able to make legal moonshine(whiskey), hopefully we will be able to see this come to light thru the show…As for Tickle,he needs some guidance…As for those two guys in South Carolina..I have named them Dumb & Dumber, honest to goodness I have never seen two guys do some of the most stupid things…after awhile it gets to be funny…My two favorite guys are Mark & Jeff, which is in my backyard…I hope this show will continue for several more seasons.