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We know for Valentine’s Day what matters most is the love between people. Okay, we get that.

But we’re, so we want to know what whisk(e)y or Bourbon do you love the most? Answer below under comments and leave a reply here.

Invite you to answer as you like and share your favorites with us OR which you think are the best. Please don’t let the bottles above bias you, unless they were already your pick

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19 Responses to “What whiskey or bourbon do you love the most?”

  1. Chuck

    So far, in my very limited experience with bourbon, my favorite is Wild Turkey Rare Breed, and Woodford Reserve.

  2. Cary

    COL E.H. Taylor(when you can find it) it AWESOME…also if you can find it ANY Pappy is great. For everyday bourbons you can’t beat Four Roses Small Batch.

  3. zack h

    wild turkey rare breed but makers mark runs a close second
    gotta try knob creek