Atlanta Food and Wine Festival 2012

CLICK BELOW TO STREAM THE PODCAST‘s Tom Fischer interviews Dominique Love, CEO and Co-Founder of the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival. The festival is happening Midtown Atlatna May 10-13, 2012. Purchase tickets on this link and also learn more.   Tom Fischer will be making an appearance at the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival… Read more »

Ashton Kutcher, Guy Fieri and Paul Shaffer dine at Lynn’s Paradise Cafe Louisville had quite a treat when Ashton Kutcher, Guy Fieri and Paul Shaffer all dined at Lynn’s Paradise Cafe the day after Kentucky Derby 138 ( Sunday, May 6, 2012). It is one of our favorite stops in Louisville, we were glad to see them all making it one of their favorite new stops as well during… Read more »

Kentucky Derby 138

× In the video above,‘s Tom Fischer reports from Churchill Downs bringing you interviews with Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear , First Lady Jane Beshear, and a host of other characters at attending Kentucky Derby 138. Long shots aren’t unheard of at Kentucky Derby. When I’ll Have Another came from behind to win Derby, we thought this 15-1 long… Read more »

Guy Fieri at Barnstable Brown Gala 2012

×‘s Tom Fischer interviews Guy Fieri on the red carpet at Barnstable Brown Gala 2012. Guy continues to make visits to both Kentucky Derby and He is joined on the red carpet by football star Marcel Reece, fullback for the Oakland Raiders. Guy gives us an update on where he is headed next on… Read more »

I’ll Have Another wins Kentucky Derby 138

I’ll Have Another wins Kentucky Derby 138 and’s own Tom Fischer predicted the win as he was interviewed by Post Parade with The Filly & The Clocker Hosted by Molly Jo Rosen & Bruno DeJulio (interview linked below, listen for Tom about 28 minutes in). Winning by just 1 1/2 lengths – one of the deepest fields… Read more »

Mint Juleps like you’ve never had ’em with Rose Juleps and Four Roses

×‘s Tom Fischer in the video segment above (filmed and edited by Dan Brown) for the ninth annual Four Roses Julep Contest held at the Kentucky Derby Museum to celebrate Urban Bourbon Exhibit sponsored by Four Roses Bourbon Bartender Kyle Tabler of Louisville’s Village Anchor restaurant claimed the 2012 “Rose Julep” title identifying the… Read more »

Backbone Bourbon Review

Currently only available in Indiana, Backbone Bourbon is a barrel strength Indiana bourbon selected by our friends at Crossroad Vintners of Indianapolis  the sole distributor of this bourbon). is pleased to bring you this first bourbon review and a list of where Backbone Bourbon can be found in Indiana below. As the list of… Read more »