Are YOU debating between bubbly or Bourbon for New Year’s Eve? Why not have both in one cocktail! brings you this recipe below. For more Bourbon recipes, subscribe to our free Bourbon newsletter on this link. Bourbon and Champagne Cocktail from The Woodford Reserve Culinary Cocktail Tour: A Journey With Bourbon, complied by Peggy Stevens and… Read more »

Old Medley Bourbon 12 Years Old has just been told that Charles Medley Distillery plans to launch a Old Medley Bourbon, a 12 year old Bourbon. The Charles Medley Distillery is known for their Wathen’s Bourbon. While Wathen’s Bourbon has no direct age statement, the single barrel Bourbon is said to be around 8 years old. The soon to be released Old… Read more »

UK vs. Louisville today, will do YOU support? And Cocktails

  As Univeristy of Kentucky Wildcaats take on Louisville Cardinals today, Saturday, December 29, we want to know who YOU are supporting? Tell us your team on this link and take a sip of the cocktails we’ve created for  teams!               University of Louisville Cardinal Cocktail 1 part PAMA… Read more »

What will YOU Drink for the Last Weekend of 2012? wants to know what YOU will drink for the “Last Weekend of 2012?” Tell us below under comments on this link and we’ll bring you some of our top picks from 2012 soon! Take a look at your favorite top shelf and may your last wishes for your drinks of 2012 come true! Photo… Read more »

Maker’s Mark Bourbon Winter Recipes 2012-2013

As the winter months continue, brings you some sweet Maker’s Mark recipes below for the holidays that will give you that Christmas feeling all year long. What is YOUR favorite way to drink and/or use Maker’s Mark in recipes during the holidays? Tell us below on this link. Recently, Maker’s Mark had their annual Candlelight Tours… Read more »

Drambuie Christmas Cocktails

A few Drambuie Christmas cocktails from mixologist Anthony Caporale! Happy holidays from! Drambuie 15 Flaming Scotch Mocha In a footed coffee mug, add: 1 tbsp. Cocoa 6 oz. Hot Coffee -Stir until cocoa is completely dissolved, add. 1-1/2 oz. DRAMBUIE® 15 Scotch Liqueur With a culinary torch, flame: -3 mini-marshmallows on a short wooden skewer -Extinguish… Read more »

What Whiskey or Bourbon Would You Want as Your Last?

It seems the “Mayan apocalypse” prediction was wrong. While we don’t believe the end of the world will happen this weekend or anytime soon, we are asking YOU what whiskey or Bourbon YOU would want as your last? Tell us below under comments and on this link. Here is are recomendations for today in… Read more »

The Macallan Masters of Photography Annie Leibovitz 2012 Very Limited Release

The Macallan Single Malt Scotch tells they have released four new cask strength liquids for the third edition of its award-winning Masters of Photography series, this year, shot by world famous photographer, Annie Leibovitz. The series is a very limited edition with the release of only 285 bottles per expression, except for one expression… Read more »

End of the World Cocktails to Celebrate The Mayan Apocalypse

If you’re going to end the world, suggests doing it the right way and celebrating with some cocktails themed to be as tasty today as they may be tomorrow..that is, if we are around to tate them! By the way, thanks for visiting because your last drink may be this virtual taste. No… Read more »

A Long Winter’s Nap

If you’re just settling down for a long winter’s nap, suggests a cocktail that may give you sweet, lucid dreams. Tasty seasonal flavors fit along with Lucid Absinthe are fit for any Mr. or Mrs. Claus. Enjoy your holiday season responsibly!       A Long Winter’s Nap Recipe In a mixing glass, muddle 3… Read more »