brings you even more information about Bulleit 10 Year Old Bourbon, a story we broke this week. First, Bulleit is releasing this age dated Bourbon offering consumers a clear definition of the age of the Bourbon in the bottle. Though it shows pleasant age, the original Bulleit Bourbon isn’t clearly age defined. Second, Bulleit 10 is… Read more »

Cocktails to Put You in the Holiday Spirit

Need a few warming refreshments fit for Santa’s day off from riding the reindeer through the sky? has some below for ya.. Because unlike Santa, you can start enjoying these cocktails now during the holidays because you won’t be flying any reindeer come Christmas night, will you? Check out our complete holiday coverage and… Read more »

Bulleit 10 Year Old Bourbon

Bulleit Bourbon releases the new Bulleit 10 Year Old Bourbon for around $45 for a 750 ml bottle. This 10 year old expression of Bulleit has been a mystery as there has been a tight-lipped-ness about it from the brand. We appreciate that at and we’ve been working to get more info as we are… Read more »

Broken Shed Vodka Review

New vodka brands are released so often that the point of distinguishing the difference would be what? Broken Shed is a vodka that makes a point. Broken Shed is made in New Zealand from whey, a natural byproduct of milk. The result? Smooth, well-balanced and creamy. This vodka is free of aditives, sugars and gluten. The distinctly pure approach… Read more »

Negroski Cocktail

We’re fans of the Negroni at and we recommend this Negroni variation   Negroski   3.5 oz. Broken Shed Vodka 1 oz. Campari 1/3 oz. sugar 2/3 oz. Ruby Port or Spiced Otago Pinot Stirred up 10 seconds (this will give best chill with least dilution) Serve up in Martini or down on the rocks Garnish… Read more »

Meet Tim Smith And Tickle, Moonshiners Personal Appearances invites you to meet Tim Smith and Tickle of Discoery Channel’s MOonshiners  tonight from 6 to 10 pm EST  in Pekin, Indiana at The Original Pop A Top Tavern. A chance for potential photos, autographs and to have a beer with your favorite Moonshiners Season 2 stars! Details and calendar of appearance below.  … Read more »

Early Times Holiday Cocktails is giving you a few ideas to warm up the holiday cheer. The cocktails below are made with both Early Times Kentucky Whisky and the Early Times Fire Eater and can be savored now and throughout the winter season.         Early Times Holiday Cooler 1 oz. Early Times Fire Eater 1 oz…. Read more »

Guinness Generous Ale Review

The original Guinness can be known to make any day feel like Christmas, right? This season, Guinness had released a new “Holiday Ale” which delivers an approachable balance of warmth and sweetness. Guinness tells they have embraced a rich heritage and the philosophy of their founder, Arthur Guinness, with the release of this new holiday… Read more »

Oak Rum Bourbon Barrel Aged by Barrel House Distilling

Barrel House Distilling is a American craft distiller based in Lexington, Kentucky. They are producing the only Rum that knows of in Kentucky. To make it a truly a “Kentucky Rum,”  they age it in a used bourbon barrel. Of course, other rums have been aged in used Bourbon barrels before, but apparently not in Kentucky…. Read more »

Crown Royal Maple Finished Review

While we don’t recommend pouring flavors into whiskies or Bourbons at, we recognize the flavored whisky category is rapidly growing. Canada’s national tree is the Maple Tree. Can it get more Canadian than Crown Royal? Put them together, they couldn’t have done much better with this first flavored expression of Crown Royal available for $24.99 per… Read more »