× BourbonBlog.com was the first media outlet to tell you about the new Old Medley 12 Year Old Bourbon. Now, we’re the first to review this very rare 12 year old expression of Wathen’s Bourbon in the video above and in the tasting notes below. While there is no age statement on Wathen’s Bourbon, Old… Read more »

Corsair’s Insane in the Grain Bourbon Review

× “Insanity and brilliance” come together in one bottle to redefine the taste and approach to Bourbon as we know it.  BourbonBlog.com reviews Corsair Artisan Distillery‘s Insane in the Grain – 12 Grain Bourbon. Watch the video review above and read the expanded tasting notes below as we take time away from the snow to elaborate…. Read more »

Cocktails for the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards, 2013

BourbonBlog.com invites you to raise a toast to the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards tonight. Here are a few cocktails inspired by the nominees and with a Golden Globe list of nominees Who do YOU hope will win the Golden Globes? Tell us on this link below. Subscribe to our free Bourbon Newsletter here for the… Read more »

Lynn’s Paradise Cafe in Louisville Closes

  BourbonBlog.com is sad to report that Lynn’s Paraside Cafe of Louisville, Kentucky has closed  its doors ( as of Friday, January 12, 2013. Lynn’s was one of our favorite places not just in Kentucky, but in all our travels. What was YOUR favorite memory from Lynn’s Paradise Cafe? We invite YOU to share your… Read more »

The Dalmore Selected by Daniel Boulud, interview with Daniel and Richard Paterson

× BourbonBlog.com brings you our exclusive video interview segment and on-camera tasting of The Dalmore Selected by Daniel Boulud with Chef Daniel Boulud and Master Blender Richard Paterson. In this video, we capture the first time that Boulud and Paterson taste and nose the whisky together, filmed at Daniel NYC, Chef Daniel’s three michelin star… Read more »

Daniel Boulud and The Dalmore Collaborate for a Bespoke Single Malt Whisky

BourbonBlog.com is the first media outlet to report that The Dalmore Single Malt Scotch Whisky and renowned chef Daniel Boulud have partnered to launch the first ever bespoke Single Malt Scotch Whisky created in colloboration with a Michelin Star Chef. At some point in the future, The Dalmore selected by Daniel Boulud, bottled at 44 proof, will… Read more »

Manhattan Experience Winners with Woodford Reserve Bourbon and Esquire Magazine

BourbonBlog.com brings you the finalists of the Manhattan Experience 2013 and the recipes below. Tonight in Manhattan, New York, these mixologists face off to see who has the best Manhattan for the finale! We’ll bring you the first place winner here on BourbonBlog.com, we can tell you it will be one of these recipes below!… Read more »

Moonshiner Tim Smith Interview on BourbonBlog.com, Moonshiners Season 2, 2013

Click Play Above to Stream BourbonBlog.com’s New Radio Interview with Tim Smith Part 1   BourbonBlog.com‘s Tom Fischer bring you a new interview with Monshiner Tim Smith giving a rare glimpse into Moonshiners Season 2 and the life of Tim. This is the 1st of a 2 Part podcast series. Watch for Part 2 and subscribe to our free… Read more »

Allstate Sugar Bowl Cocktails

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate a victory or console yourself, our friends at Hotel Montleone’s Carousel Bar created two cocktails to celebrate this past week’s Allstate Sugar Bowl at The Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. The cocktails honor both Louisville Cardinals and Florida Gators. This bar is one of BourbonBlog.com‘s favorite places… Read more »

Early Times Blind Archer Spiced Apple Whisky

Early Times has just released Blind Archer Spiced Apple  A spiced apple liquor is blended with Early Times Whisky to create Blind Archer. We’re told it has a nose of fusion of cinnamon apples and cider with a flavor of the whisky and apple cobble to reate a nice flavored blend. BourbonBlog.com  is impressed by the… Read more »